How to Maximize Your Miter Saw Usage

Miter Saw could be an expensive power tool, so you have to maximize its usage.  Surely, you didn’t purchase such power tool just be used in a single task. So, make the most out of it!

Fact: Miter Saws can make a clean and accurate cut, that’s why the machine is always present in woodworking shops and even construction companies.  Because it is just easy to operate, anybody can use the machine by just following simple steps in the manual.

How to Maximize Your Miter Saw Usage

The following are tips to maximize your miter saw usage.  Take a look at these!

  1. You have to upgrade the blade. Normally, a blade is equipped with general purpose from 24 to 40 tooth blade and are suitable for cutting.  But if you need a smoother output, you’ll need a high-performance blade with a low-degree hook angle.  You upgrade your blade with up to 80-teeth or even 100 teeth.


  1. Best blade comes with a hook angle of 10 degrees and -5 degrees. The 10- degree hook angle is very aggressive in cutting wood while the -5 degrees hook blades cut the wood slowly as if shaving the wood and smoothen the texture.


  1. Install an auxiliary table or fence made of wood, hardboard to make a zero-clearance support. This prevents a tear-out when the blade exits on the cut.


  1. After making each cut, stop and allow the blade to stop spinning before you lift for another saw. If you raise your saw prematurely, it would damage your work.  Also, when you do not allow it to stop spinning, this will propel at a high speed which could be very dangerous.


  1. When doing a tough cut, there is a big chance that your miter saw would flex. What the best way to prevent this? Do the cutting in two steps.  You can start by making an initial cut of about 1/16 inches to your cut line.  Then cut to the line.  Such cut should be as half as wide as the normal but should be cleaner or a better square.


  1. You can extend your support for another foot. Usually, miter saw tables measure 18 inches wide including extension wings.  This will help you work on longer workpieces and prevent them from tilting or lifting from the table.


  1. You can customize a bench mainly for your saw. Make some extension according to the measuring rules of your saw.


  1. If you cannot find someone to customize your bench, or you cannot do it yourself, there are premade setup which is likely sold from $150 to $250. You can just add flip-stops or clamp on it.

Note: The above-mentioned steps best recommended by users as well as tips from the manual.  If you yourself will try to operate the machine, you can personally make some tricks to make your cutting quicker and easier.  Just always refer to the manual when there are troubles.  Another thing:  operating such machines in actual is different from just reading. And our suggestion, after reading this article, tries to personally operate the machine when it is accessible.

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