How to Use a Jigsaw


If you’re going to describe jigsaw, it’s definitely the master of cutting shapes of wood, metal sheets, plywood, and many others.  Shaping could be very difficult if you’ll use it with ordinary handsaws, but with Jigsaw, you’ll definitely make the most of your creativity.

Before I give you the tips on how to use your jigsaw, let’s get to know first this powerful tool! 

How to Use a JigsawDid you know? This power tool has different types of blades in order for you to achieve your desired task. You can choose from the following blades depending on the type of material you cut and shape:  Tile, Metal, Universal Style, Wood, Laminate, Bayonet Style.  Using those blades are the keys to cut varied materials.


Cutting Wood

When you cut wood and other material, always keep the shoe on the workpiece.  Press the saw firmly on your workpiece.  Be sure that the blade is slightly away from the edge.

After starting the motor, guide the blade outside of your cutting line, then move from curves to the corners. See to it that you are moving the saw forward and check on the pace that allows the blade to cut

Always move the saw at a pace that allows the blade to cut without deflecting.   Guide your saw and avoid the saw blade to bind on tight curves so you won’t make waste.


Cutting Ceramic Tiles

Jigsaw is also good at cutting ceramic tiles by using a carbide-grit abrasive blade.  Such blade is able to make curved cuts in tiles with a thickness up to ¼ inches.  You can adjust the speed and reduce tile breakage by clamping the tile.  How does it work? By lubricating the saw with a light mist of water.

When not handled properly, the tile gets broken.  Well, there is a technique for that! It is best to clamp your tile down.  Firmly hold the saw to control blade vibration.

Ceramic tiles could be tough and are not easy to cut.  It is essential to lubricate the saw cut frequently by applying water.  Ticker tiles need cutting oil to be lubricated too.


Cutting Metal

It’s quite impossible to shape on metal sheets without shredding it.  But with a jigsaw, you can actually form your desired shape without shredding your metal sheet.  Start drilling our saw blade starter holes inside all pattern circles.  By the way, it is best to choose metal-cutting blades with 21 to 24 teeth per inch.


Cutting Countertops

A jigsaw is great in making curved cuts at the corners of your countertops.  It is also best in making final long cut parallel to your backsplash.  Then, using a circular saw, make the front and two side cuts in the countertop for your sink to be installed.

The jigsaw can work again with the narrow spaces between the sink cutting line and the backsplash which is not accommodated by a circular saw.  This refines your countertops to make it look better.

If you do not have a circular saw, don’t worry! You can use a jigsaw for the whole job.

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