How to cut wood with a hand saw?

If you’re a person who likes to fix things all by yourself, then you should learn one of these important skills, cutting woods.  Unlike cutting metals and other hard materials, cutting wood is most likely done personally without the need of hiring handymen. It’s too easy! Even teens can perform the cutting as long as there is a supervision from an adult during his/her first cutting.

wood with a hand saw

If you have a hand saw at home and you just found kept it for a long time without even touching it, now is the time to grab and hold it, and make some cutting.  Don’t worry! This article will guide you on how to perform such easy task.  Surely, there are some pieces of wood around the house.  So pick it up, and let’s start working!

  • Look for a workbench where you can secure the wood you are planning to cut. You can also purchase woodworking clamps from any hardware stores so you can easily cut your wood. Just attach the woodworking clamp to the wood to lock the wood.  The wood you plan to cut must be placed on the workbench.


  • To be accurate on your cutting task, marking a line is very helpful. Use a tape measure to determine the size of the wood.  Some woods are already sold in pre-determined sizes so it would be easier for you then.  Make a mark to indicate the area you want to cut.


  • After marking, place the handsaw on the wood (quite away from the mark).


  • While your one hand is holding the saw, place the other one on the wood and hold it. See to it that the wood is still when you cut it.  See to it that the hand holding the wood is slightly away from saw to prevent an accident.


  • Start cutting applying a pressure on the saw, pushing and pulling it back. In his way, you’ll be able to make a slight cut into the wood.  Check then the area you are cutting and continue your move if you feel that you are in a right direction.


  • Keep cutting through the wood by applying pressure on the saw and make a balance of your force. See to it that your motion is smooth and accurate.  If possible, stop for a while and check your cutline and see to it that your cut is straight.


  • Continue cutting until your wood is ready to be broken off. If it’s about to break, slow down and apply less force so you won’t crack or splinter the wood.


Note: Be sure that when you do the cutting, the hand saw you are using has some tough and strong teeth.  Or else, your output will appear awful.  Oh, and one more thing.  Hand saws are cheaper than power tools.  If you do not own one in the house, maybe it’s about time for you to purchase one.  You can buy it anywhere even in small hardware, so there’s no reason for you to include this stuff in your tool box.

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