How to Choose a Saw Set

Whether you are working in furniture works, construction, or simply a DIY hobbyist, you should know your set of tools.  You might not be purchasing the set in one, but you can buy them individually to complete your set. How to Choose a Saw Set

Here’s what: it is very important that you choose well your tool.  Remember, you might not finish what you want to do if your tool malfunctions easily.  Or worse, you may get an accident by using the tools which are not durable.

Now, here are tips for you in choosing the right saws.  This might help you especially if you there’s nobody around you to help you. 

Saw Sets are tools that help you sharpen or tune in your saws.  Using them, you will be able to adjust such as distancing the tooth or loosening some joints if you need to.  That’s why, it is important that you have the set, and not just 1 so you can have the chance to adjust all types of your saws.

The first thing that you need when you set a saw is a striking tool or something known as a hammer.  You can choose a common hammer or hammers which are specially designed for setting saws.  Remember this:  If you choose something that is really intended for setting saw, that’s good.  You’ll make your setting activity easy and convenient.

Let’s go to the second tool, the lever, and the plate.  Always choose a plate that perfectly forms the body of the tool.  As to the lever, see to it that is capable of bending the tooth to angle well.  If you’re not familiar with this, then I suggest that you choose something that is mostly used by that woodworks company.  Surely, they are using good tools in their business.  Anyway, the simplest form of a lever saw set plate is made of metal.  Just make sure that the metal is thick enough.

Third and usually the most familiar tool is the pliers.  If you have pliers with a small jaw, then it’s good.  It can be perfect for setting a tooth.  But there are also pliers which are specially designed for saw setting and contains built-in STOPPER.  The stopper is usually adjustable and rests against the saw blade when you bend the tooth.  It makes the set consistent and prevents it from breakage. There are also styles where the tooth can be gripped first in the jaws, easy to bend and align to the tooth.

Another type of saw set is the Two-Handled or known as the Pistol-Grip set.  This is actually the most commonly used saw set and is always perfect for saw maintenance.  Check on a pistol-grip set that is durable and has a good strength at clamping.

Finally, there are saw sets now in the market which are automated.  Saw enthusiasts find this automated saw sets convenient and easy to use.  If you are tired of setting your saw manually, then this type of setter is a good choice.  A lot of brands of automated saw set are in the market nowadays.  Just be wise in choosing them especially that it might cost a lot compared to the manually operated ones.


Q: What should I consider when buying a set of tools?
Ans: When purchasing a set of tools, it is important to consider the quality and durability of the tools to ensure they will function properly and safely.

Q: What is a striking tool or hammer used for when setting a saw?
Ans: A striking tool or hammer is used to adjust distancing the tooth or loosen some joints when setting a saw.

Q: What type of plate should I use when setting a saw?
Ans: It is important to choose a plate that fits the body of the tool, as this will help make the setting activity easier and more convenient.

Q: What type of pliers should I use when setting a saw?
Ans: Pliers with a small jaw are good for setting a tooth, however there are also special pliers with a builtin stopper that can be used for more consistent setting and to prevent breakage.

Q: What is a two-handed or pistol-grip saw set?
Ans: A twohanded or pistolgrip saw set is the most commonly used saw set and is perfect for saw maintenance. It is important to choose one with a good strength at clamping.

Q: Are there automated saw sets available?
Ans: Yes, there are automated saw sets available on the market which may be more convenient and easy to use than manually operated saw sets.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing an automated saw set?
Ans: When choosing an automated saw set, it is important to consider the quality and durability of the set, as well as the cost.

Q: Are there any special tools needed for setting saws?
Ans: Yes, there are special tools such as hammers, levers, pliers, and plates that are needed for setting saws.

Q: What types of saw sets are available?
Ans: There are different types of saw sets available, including manual, twohanded or pistolgrip, and automated saw sets.

Q: What is the purpose of a saw set?
Ans: The purpose of a saw set is to sharpen and tunein saws, and to adjust distancing the tooth or loosen some joints when necessary.

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