How To Use A Circular Saw Safely

Unlike the ancient saw which did not have power-driven blades but depended on human energy, the circular saws depend on power for it to perform its functions. Circular saws can be very dangerous in not well used. Unlike drills which almost everyone is comfortable using many people are afraid of using the circular saw because of it its noise and dust. However, the fact that it’s an important tool for carpenters and home renovators makes it impossible to avoid.

The usage of this saws can be a task leave alone the danger associated with the saw. A lot of care is always recommended and maintenance to the saws before and after use to ensure full potential and excellent end products.

The following points will explain how to use a circular saw safely.

1. Always try to understand the type of saw you want to purchase, what its use will be and why it would function better than another saw

To increase efficiency go for a saw you are comfortable with, and one which you are sure will do the work you purchased it for to completion. There are different types of saws ranging from trim saws, Skilsaws to worm drive saws. Each time performs different functions and has different types of blades. The difference of the saws is mainly brought about by the blades and security concerns. Saws whose blades have many teeth are used to make very precise smooth cuts while those with fewer teeth are used to make rougher cuts.

Use a saw that when danger is detected the saw can be controlled by just releasing the trigger and the saw blades stop.

Not all saws have blade guards so before purchase ensure you get one who assures you of your safety.

2. Understand the different types of saw blades

in order to maintain the quality of work, you are doing ensure that the blade size, its number of teeth and the blade quality is high. With high blade quality cost of replacements is reduced are more work can be done. The more the teeth, the finer the cut is.

However, if you are looking for a rougher cut then you can use a blade with fewer teeth, and it produces rough cuts.

On blades, different types of blades are designed for different type of work. Giving an example of diamond rim blade which is designed to slice more hard material like steel, masonry products and or bricks.

Another example is the abrasive blades which are used to cut concrete materials. just but mentioning a few blades which are very important.

And on this blades do not use dull ones. Ensure they are sharp to avoid damaging the saw especially making it start overheating or the blades sticking on what you are cutting.

3. Always Inspect The Saw Before Use

Checking the status of the saw is very important. Identify any broken teeth in the blade and make replacements. Also, check whether the blade is worn out in order to have the correct one. Ensure any cable is tight proper and if you are using battery saws ensure that the battery is charged and its will in order to avoid any inconveniences during working.

After the saw is in proper condition ensure the material you are cutting is marked to the end- by using a measuring take and marking the material more accurate cuts are made than when you try to estimate when you are already cutting.

After marking the material now support it firmly on both sides and at the ends. This will prevent fall or movement during cutting which would lead to wastage of inaccurate cuts thus leading to wastage of time and resources trying to do the corrections.

You can then check for nails or knots. This is to ensure that there are no interruptions during cutting. Nails are very dangerous especially to wood blades since they can seriously affect the blade teeth.

Do not start the blade when the saw is placed on whatever you want to cut. More to this do not push the saw hard on what you are cutting simply guide it.

Always confirm that you are using the correct blade for a particular thing. Using a different blade on material not made for it can lead to damage.

4. Ensure That You Have A Reliable Source Of Power

Since the saw uses power to ensure the power source is secure and reliable. This will minimize electric faults which could be very costly.

Power especially hydroelectric is known to be very dangerous and can cause a lot of damage when handled carelessly. Loose sockets should be well maintained, and an electrical engineer should always inspect the status regularly to ensure maximum safety not only to the user but also clients.

It’s also important to have a power backup. This helps a lot especially when you are doing commercial work as work does not stop as you wait for power.

5. Check whether the blade guard is fully functional

Blade guards are very important in danger prevention, therefore, its always important to have it properly functioning the reduce the possibility of danger. Since it prevents dust from the eye direction, it should be properly maintained to ensure full functionality.

Not all circular saw manufacturing companies have protective warranties to their customers, therefore, the user should take the cover in case of an accident.

6. Use eye and ear protection

Since the saw is always blowing dust ensure your eyes are well covered with protective glasses to avoid any distraction during your working process. The ear guard reduces the noise since the saws make a lot of noise during operation.

7. Make sure the saw is unplugged before any adjustments to it

If you notice any fault with the saw do not make any adjustments when it’s still in operation since it can cause serious harm to you or even other users.

Also during this period of adjustments do not let the saw be handled by inexperienced people to avoid further damage.

how to use circular saw

8. Have a proper maintenance schedule

maintenance is not necessarily done when equipment is broken down. To ensure continued proper working, it’s important to make sure the saw is checked regularly and if there are problems rectified before they persist. By doing this, you don’t only keep the saw working, but you also reduce the changes of the saw causing harm to the user.

9. Circular saw storage

After use it’s important to keep the saw safe for next job. During this period when not in work ensure that it’s not connected to any power source. Also, keep it away from water to avoid rusting. You can also grease it for proper condition. Keep it in its bag.


Having gone through all the discussion on saw usage, it’s important to ensure the safety tips are specifically followed. By ensuring safety to humans and the saw that relationship would lead to good results.

If in the usage of the saw there is something you don’t understand then it’s important to check the manual of seeking advice from the manufacturer.

There is also a tutorial on the usage of the saw which can be very useful especially if you want to try something new with the saw. To always be on a safer side ensure you are very sure about what you want to do with the circular saw.

Finally no matter how experienced you are in using the circular saw, even with the knowledge that there is the guard or that the blade is covered by the material you are cutting never ignore safety concerns as ignorance can lead to ultimate damage.

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