Best DeWalt Circular Saw For Saving Money !

For a long time, sawing had been compromised. Quality if products were always compromised due to the lack of technology and also the tools then were very complicated and heavy. Working was very tedious and tiresome. More effort had to be applied in accuracy by making marks and having to share your concentration between cutting and following the marks. Safety was not assured as the saws did not have protective guards.

Best Dewalt Circular Saw

With DeWalt and other saw modernizing companies coming into place working with the saw was modernized, made more simple and easier. Dewalt, in particular, aimed to make the work faster, more efficient and secure. With that in mind, they came up with modernized circular saws which we light and stable. Their saws were also found to be easier to use since they assured accuracy. This was mainly achieved by the presence of the LED lights which guides the path of the blade ensuring accuracy.

Some of their saws also came with carrying bags to ensure ease of transportation and also safety. As if that was not enough they then introduced a dust blower to their saws to ensure that the blasé path is clean and also to make sure there was not dust blowing towards the operator’s eyes thus ease of operation.

Dewalt circular saws are of different types, but the functions are almost the same. We will look at a few of them as we advise users on the best DeWalt saw to use.

Why is dealt the best for a circular saw?

For a saw to qualify to be the best or among the best it must pass all our tests. In DeWalt’s case rating it was based on the following factors:

  • Cost- when talking about cost we consider it in two phases. The purchase cost and maintenance cost. Dewalt circular saw is not very expensive, but the most encouraging thing is its maintenance. More to having a three-year warranty the company has ensured the product does not wear out fast and it can be useful for decades. Its spares are also locally available making it very convenient.
  • Motor strength and capacity- DeWalt circular saws are strong and long lasting. Their strength ensures faster work without having to strain.
  • Bevel ability. If a saw can make cuts and an angle the, that makes it more efficient and effective. Dewalt circular saws can bevel up to 45 degrees which are highly commendable.
  • Less guide– saws that have lasers are very effective are they reduce the time that users are taking in trying to calculate the accuracy of whatever they are working on as the lesser guides them. In DeWalt’s case, the circular saws have a vacuum blower ensuring that there is no dust in the blades way and along the eyesight.
  • Ability to do more than one task– it’s important to check on a saw that can multitask. This increases efficiency and reduces the time that would be used in changing the saw not forgetting the high cost of acquiring each saw.
  • Availability – if the maker of the saw is always there to offer help or assistance and advice when needed the that would be a good place to invest your money. Dewalt has created a website where they interact with their customers by providing feedbacks to questions and solutions to problems and lastly noting from customer’s areas where they can improve the service.
  • Grip- in their circular saws DeWalt have ensured that the handles are plastic covered and are not slippery to ensure the safety of the user. They are also within reach of the trigger therefore as use you will not strain.

How to use DeWalt circular saws

Before using the circular saw consider the following safety guidelines:

  • Ensure there are no loose materials in the area of operation. Loose cables, clothes, and others.
  • Wear protective gears like eye and ear guards
  • Ensure that the blade is well adjusted and well positioned
  • Ensure that the blade guard is functioning

For maximum results and safety follow the following instructions while using a circular saw.

  1. Blade depth – ensure that the blade is slightly lower that the material you are cutting. Don’t let it be too deep or too shallow. When the blade is too deep it’s dangerous since the saw is likely to kick back causing harm.
  2. Before you start the saw ensure that the material you are cutting is firm and well supported and also check the depth of the saw. On the support of whatever you cutting ensure that it’s not supported on both ends since that can also cause the kickback
  3. Ensure the blade is free and not held up. Also, check whether the power cables are properly positioned. After all this, you are ready to saw therefore you can pull the trigger.
  4. When cutting anything at an angle always release the blade guard to avoid the saw blade binding
  5. Ensure that the blade is in line with the pencil before the cut
  6. Look at the guidelines to ensure they are satisfactory before you can start cutting
  7. After ensuring the blade is accurate to start cutting but always maintain your eyes in front of the blade.
  8. Push the saw into the material without much force to keep the blade cutting, but avoid pushing so hard to avoid overworking the motor.A sharp blade should pass through any but the hardest materials with little effort.
  9. Keep an eye on the saw base as you continue cutting.


1. Dewalt DC390 – 18V Best Cordless Circular Saw


Being one of its kind the codeless 18v saw was made having a fan cooled motor. With most saws heating when overworked with this specific one the fan ensures no heating. Regardless the material you are cutting the saw does a very fast job thanks to its 6 ½ thin blade which also ensures smooth products.

Its comes fitted with a magnesium base for maximum durability and stability and has a protective guard. With all that it also bevel up to 50 degrees and cuts up to 90 degrees.

Features of Dewalt DC390

  • Performance- with its lightweight the saw is easy to carry around. its thin fans also ensure fast cuts and with ease.
  • Its fan cooled motor has a replaceable brush for maximum power
  • The saw can cut at 90 degrees with bevel capacity up to 50 degrees
  • Very tough base due to its magnesium material
  • Has a 3-year warranty, therefore, ensuring protection in case of malfunction.

Pros Of Dewalt DC390

  • Weight: It’s light which makes it easy to use and carry around without any inconvenience. The right weight reduces fatigue and ensures that the user can work for longer periods of time.
  • Blades: It’s thin blades ensure first, accurate and smooth cuts with ease
  • Motor strength: Has a very strong motor which is a plus when it comes to fastening the work
  • Warranty: The three-year warranty gives users confidence with the manufacturer even though it’s limited
  • Guard: The protective guard is good for safety during working.
  • Availability: Despite the fact that it does not come with charger and batteries, it’s compatible with many of them. Therefore, it’s easy to find its charger and battery
  • Grip: The handles are easy to hold and comfortable.

Cons Of Dewalt DC390

  • The saw is sold separately with its batteries and chargers, therefore, incurring the buyer the inconvenience of looking for batteries and chargers after purchase
  • It’s relatively expensive

Our Final Results

Due to its high-performance nature and generally easy-to-maintain fact, the saw can stay for decades when well used. However, the manufacturer should consider selling the saw together with its batteries and charger to avoid incurring double costs to the buyer.

2. DEWALT DWE575SB – Lightweight Circular Saw with Electric Brake


The DEWALT DWE57SB was designed to reduce the task work while improving efficiency. Being a game changer DEWALT makes you wonder why you waited for so long to get the lightweight 7-1/4 circular saw. Its cutting-edge components accompanied by new-edge engineering bring you a 15 Amp workhorse that weighs only 8.8 lbs.

It also has an inbuilt dust blower that keeps your line site clear thus reducing the dust coming your way. The ball-bearing lower guard slides effortlessly with every cut even in cold environments thus making it very safe to use.

Its design makes it one of the lightest and most balanced saws. Its electric brake is designed to stop the blade after the trigger is released. Its high-grade shoe provides the user with a smooth and durable base for accurate cutting. Its blade wrench storage allows for easy storage and convenience during a blade change.

Features of DEWALT DWE575SB

  • The 2.55-inch depth when cutting- When you use the saw perpendicularly the cut goes up to 2.55 inches deep. At a 45-degree angle, it is 1.9 inches deep. The beveling capacity of the saw is 57 degrees, and it has positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees, so it is easier to adjust to the most common angles.
  • Electric brake– One of the best features of this saw is the availability of its electric brake. Immediately you release the trigger it automatically activates and stops the blade within two seconds. This is a good safety feature that comes in handy if anything goes wrong during a job.
  • Strong motor– Despite being rather small in size, this saw is exceedingly powerful. It runs off a 15-amp motor and gets up to 5100 RPMs. With this type of cutting power, it can tackle even the most demanding jobs and complete them without any problems
  • Integrated dust blower– This model has a modeled dust blower that keeps your line of sight clear and enables you to do precision cutting without having to stop to check your alignment.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DWE575SB

Why Should Use?

  • Tough-cord system–Tough-cord system is a patented system by DeWalt that decreases the chances of you damaging the cord or pulling it out by accident. The cord itself is 4 times tougher and more resilient, and it’s hard to cut it even when you give it a try!
  • Lightweight–This model allows you to work longer hours thanks to being only 8.8 pounds in weight. It is one of the lightest
  • Time– Due to its accuracy and convenience work is not repeated therefore saving time.
  • Cost– With its ability to do several duties it increases the cost by reducing the manpower required.
  • Bag-the carrying bad makes it more convenient to carry around

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • This saw is not available in most hardware shops making it less commonly used

3. DEWALT DCS391B – 20 Volt Cordless Circular Saw [Handypick]


With its intention being to deliver power the saw was made with a strong motor to handle very tough material. Its thin blade enables faster penetration into the material and allows for faster sawing and without any problems.

With a lithium ion battery, even though it’s sold separately it ensures battery longer service when well maintained. More to it it’s the saws strong magnesium which has a light weight which assures stability and accuracy of the saw.

The general weight of the saw is awesome as it allows the user to be comfortable as it reduces fatigue and the user can work for longer hours increasing productivity if they are doing commercial work.

Its rubber handles also allow for comfortable grip giving the user comfort while sawing.

Main Features of DEWALT DCS391B

  • It’s strong, and light magnesium shoe provides durability and cutting accuracy
  • Its handle is made with optimized rubber to ensure control and balance with ease of grip
  • Has a tipple made thin rubber which cuts two times faster than normal saws hence fastening the work?
  • Has a very strong motor which delivers power fastening the work
  • The saw has a three-year warranty and one-year service contract with a 90-day money payback.
  • Has a 50-degree bevel capacity which allows for bevel cuts and other multiple applications.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DWE575SB


  • For convenience and trust, the company ensured a warranty of three years with a possibility of money refund if the saw fails. This was a plus since it increases client satisfaction and customer base
  • For accuracy and better cuts, the bevel ability ensures that even cuts at an angle can be done with ease
  • Its magnesium show is ideal for durability since its strong and ensures that the machine lasts long because to its material
  • Made of plastic its handle is ideal for proper grip since the handle material does not slide hence comfort during working

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • The saw is not sold with its battery which inconveniences the user as they have to look for battery separately which also leads to extra costs.
  • The saw does not come with a carrying bag

4. DEWALT DWS535 – 7 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

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It was mainly manufactured for making leaps and cuts in wood. For faster completion of the job, the saw has a 15-amp motor which drives the blade very fast. Since the saw was designed to tackle heavy duties a cast magnesium footplate was made to withstand the heavy tasks and provide a platform to make your cuts since it lasts longer and is durable.

The worm drive circular saw is also very light which ensures easy handling and comfort. It’s accessible lock which is accessible ensures easy usage of the saw. In fact, by reading the manual, you can fully operate the saw without any problems and does not require further training.

It can bevel up to 53 degrees which are the best any saw can thus becoming very efficient. In fact, you can set the angles without the need to measure them for accuracy.

Features Of DEWALT DWS535

  • Its 15-amp motor makes the saw strong therefore finishing the work quickly
  • Sharp angle cuts since the saw can bevel up to 53 degrees
  • The saw has a three-year warranty with a one-year free service contract.
  • Thin saw for ease of penetration and making fast cuts
  • It has a wide saw hook to accommodate large materials
  • Good quality magnesium plate

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DWS535


  • Weight and handling: This saw is very light which enables the user not to strain when using it. More to its weight it has a plastic handle which is easy to grip and comfortable. This enables the user to concentrate on the work hence good end products.
  • Motor: The saw has a powerful motor of 15amp which drives the saw at a fast speed ensuring faster work and that no straining while cutting.
  • Safety: The saw is very safe to use due to its blade guard and also the switch. Its trigger is at the handle and is easily reachable therefore ensuring that as soon as you release the trigger, the blade stops.
  • Warranty: With a three year warranty, the users of the saw are assured of maintenance or replacement if the saw develops a complication.


  • The saw does not come with a carrying bag for convenience.


5. DEWALT DCS391P1 – Best 20V Dewalt Circular Saw

The lithium ion circular saw was developed for power and speed and is used to make hard cuts with a lot of ease. With excellent this blades, the cutting speed is doubled in relation to full sized saws. Having a comfortable grip, it’s easy to handle it with ease. Therefore, more work can be done. The saw is also very light.

The saw also bevel up to 50 degrees. unlike other saws which are sold separately with the batteries and chargers, this saw is sold together with a lithium-ion battery and a charge at a combined price. The price also includes a very presentable carrying case which assures convenience when moving around.

It’s also bought with a three years’ warranty and one-year service free contract.

Features of DEWALT DCS391P1

  1. It’s strong, and light magnesium provides durability and long term service
  2. Its handle is optimized with rubber for easy grip and control
  3. Thin blade to ensure smooth, accurate and fast cutting.
  4. Ability to bevel up to 50 degrees
  5. Comes in a strong carrying case
  6. A heavy and durable battery
  7. A safety switch

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DCS391P1

Why Should Use?

  • With its case, it’s easy to carry around with comfort since both the saw and the case are light therefore no inconveniences during travel.
  • With its handle optimized with rubber its handling is Thus operations are smooth for better productivity
  • The saw is easy to operate, and one does not need to be trained to operate it. All you need is to read its manual and then follow the simple instructions.
  • The three-year warranty acts as a guarantee the saw is of good quality since any malfunction will lead to returning the saw which would be a loss to the manufacturer
  • The bevel nature makes the saw effective for cutting at angles since it can bevel up to 50 degrees
  • Its magnesium shoe is strong ensuring the stability of the saw and also enabling it to stay for a long time without wearing out.
  • Its safety switch helps to ensure that the saw is on when in use only.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • People have complained about the battery that it does not keep power for long.
  • This saw is very expensive

6. DEWALT DC390K  – 18 Volt Cordless Circular Saw


Able to use it for a variety of applications due to its bevel capacity of up to 50 degrees this cordless circular saw has a fan cooled motor with replaceable brushes to provide maximum power ad for durability. The fan acting as a coolant ensures the motor does not overheat and that the batteries have a longer run time, therefore, ensuring maximum power and durability.

[alert-note]The saw kit is well made to suit the saw and ensure safe storage and ease of transportation. It’s plastic easy to grip handle gives the user comfort while handling it.[/alert-note]

With the thin blade cutting of materials, even the hard ones are with ease. This saw best works with soft woods such as plywood, boards, and sheets. However, it’s also convenience with much harder materials provided you have a blade that suits them.

Features of DEWALT DC390K

  1. A fan to cool the motor during sawing
  2. Bevel capacity up to 50 degrees to carry on different tasks
  3. A magnesium shoe to provide support to the saw and also ensure durability
  4. A three-year warranty
  5. A strong kit box convenient for transportation.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DC390K


  • Performance- with its ability to bevel the saw can make multiple applications.
  • Maximum power is achieved due to the use of brushed which are a fan cooled hence better performance without necessarily using too much energy.
  • The thin blades provide ease of cutting materials and also ensures smooth cuts which increase quality of products
  • The magnesium shoe provides support and stability while the upper guard ensures the safety of the user of the saw.
  • Its spare parts are easily available therefore the saw becoming more convenient.
  • The saw has very good batteries which run for a long time better than any other saw batteries.
  • Its three-year warranty provides confidence to users about the quality of the saw. With a warranty, the manufacturer is always sure that they are selling quality products.


  • There are no many disadvantages about this However when the saw has a problem, and you opt to return it, you are forced to pay a shipping fee and restocking fee too even if it’s still under warranty.


7. DEWALT DW384 –  Durable 8-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

The DeWalt DW384 8-1/4 circular saw is ideal for all sawing home jobs. Having a rear pivot depth cut adjustments the saw allows your hand to remain behind the tool even at very deep cuts. Having a 15amp motor, the saw ensures fast cuts and fastens the work than full sized saws.


It can bevel up to 50 degrees giving it the ability to make many applications. Its electric brake which stops the blade immediately after use. In fact, the brake has the ability to stop the blade within two seconds after the trigger is released. More to that its very light thus reducing fatigue during work enabling the user to do more work and for a longer period of time.

With a heavy kit the saw is secure, and also its transportation is easy. It comes with a 24 teeth blade which is ideal for fast cuts, and the many teeth are good for smooth cuts.

Main Features Of DEWALT DW384

  • Its strong aluminum base gives the saw stability during work
  • 15-amp strong motor ideal for fast cuts and ease of work
  • Electric brake which has the ability to stop the blade within two seconds after the trigger is released
  • The bevel ability of 50 degrees ensures that more application can be made
  • Rear pivot depth which allows your hand to remain behind the saw even at deep cuts
  • The saw has balls and bearings which are ideal for increasing the useful life of the machine.
  • A three-year warranty period with a 90 day gets back money guarantee and a one-year free service contract.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DW384


  • With an electric brake, the saw can conserve power since its off by just releasing the Thus it’s also safe to use.
  • With a strong aluminum base, the saw is stable and comfortable to use
  • The storage kit is very convenient especially when traveling with the saw as it keeps the saw safe.
  • This saw is very fast thanks to its strong motor and thin blades which make it better than full-size saws
  • Its three-year warranty acts as a guarantee that the saw is of good quality. It also saves the user’s repairs cost in case it malfunctions while still under warranty.


  • It’s more reliant on electric power therefore with power failure it would be hard to use it

8. DEWALT DW364K – 15amp Circular Saw

Very similar to the DeWalt DW384 8-1/4 circular saw the DeWalt DW364k 7-1/4-inch circular saw also has an electric brake which stops the blade within two seconds after releasing the trigger. With its ability to cut hard materials you will not even notice the difference between hard and soft materials since the saw is very strong.

It’s also made of a very strong 15amp motor which is ideal for fast jobs. With bearings, the saw is able to last long as it can be greased. Its aluminum base is strong and rust resistant, therefore, making the saw very good. For convenience and safety, the saw also came with a carrying and storage kit idea for the saw and which is of very high quality.

Its bevel ability also makes the saw do multiple of applications. Just like the previous saw this saw also has rear pivot depth of cut adjustment allows your hand to remain behind the tool at all depth of cuts.

Features Of DEWALT DW364K

  1. Due to its hard applications, it was made with a 15amp strong motor
  2. The saw has balls and bearings which extend the useful life of the saw
  3. It can bevel up to 50 degrees
  4. With aluminum base, it’s very durable and comfortable at workplace
  5. Has a 3-year limited warranty with a one-year service contract
  6. Its electric brake quickly stops the blade
  7. Its blade has 24 teeth which are ideal for smooth and fast cuts
  8. It’s stored in a strong kit which is also ideal for transport

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DW364K

Why Should Use?

  • Its electric brake ensures safety especially when the saw is not in use because once you release the trigger, the blade stops within two seconds.
  • The three-year warranty and the one-year service guarantee provides protection to the user in terms of finances because they do not have to incur the cost of maintenance when the saw is under warranty.
  • For comfort, the aluminum base makes the saw more durable.
  • It’s relatively cheaper than some other saws.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • This saw has been having accuracy problems with many DeWalt customers complaining that its bevel accuracy is not right.


Most Usable Dewalt Circular Saw Parts

Wearing out of tools which are in use is unavoidable. What matters most is the availability of spare parts. If spare parts are not available, then the machine becomes useless. Dewalt has proven to be of great help the users of its machines as it makes sure its spare parts are available and at an affordable price. The spare parts range from batteries, blades, sharpeners among others.

Dewalt Circular Saw Blades

DeWalt blades have proven to be very durable and convenient over a very long period. The blades are different depending on the type of Dewalt saw you are using. In an attempt to bring the information closer to the user we sampled some of the blades

1. DeWalt small diameter construction blade

DEWALT DW3191 Series 20 7-1/4-Inch 18 Tooth Nail Cutting Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch and Diamond Knockout ArborThis blade is very durable mainly due to its durable and long-lasting carbide teeth. It is also very strong to power through cutting materials with ease. Its biggest strength is the availability of ribbed heat vents which allows blades to run at lower temperatures.


  • The blades have a diamond knock-out
  • It’s tough carbide stays sharp for a long time
  • It takes smooth cuts due to its anti-stick coating
  • The blades are very thin which helps with smooth cuts.

2. DEWALT DW9158 – Saw Blade Pack

This blade is ideal for timber which could have nails. It’s very strong and cuts through hard materials with ease. With its carbide teeth, the saw is very durable and also very long lasting.


  • This saw has a plated body which ensures smooth cuts.
  • Its premium carbide teeth are ideal for durability.
  • Cuts through hard materials like nails with ease
  • The blade also has a laser-cut plate.

3. Dewalt DWA7739 – metal cutting blade stainless steel cutting

As its name suggests this blade is designed to cut through blade with ease. It’s made from carbide to ensure durability and longer useful life.


  1. It’s estimated to have a longer useful life than other blades.
  2. It’s still plated ensures long life and minimizes run out
  3. Its precise tip ensures accurate cuts.

4. DEWALT DW7670 – Woodworking saw blade dado cuts

This blade was designed with micro-grain carbide teeth to deliver smooth cuts and more accurate cuts. Its four tooth chippers are also ideal for smooth cuts as well as flat bottom cuts. It’s also ideal for all kinds of wood cutting including hard and soft wood.


  1. The blade has four tooth chippers which allow for smooth and flat bottom cuts.
  2. The stainless-steel shims ensure width adjustments
  3. The woodworking saw blade also has a heavy gauge laser cut plates which are ideal for accurate cuts.
  4. This is a few examples in each category of Dewalt blades. This and many other types of Dewalt blades are ideal for all types of jobs are highly durable thereby Dewalt blades earning our recommendation.


Top Dewalt Circular Saw Batteries

Batteries tend to be very convenient especially in areas where power shortage is frequent. To ensure continuity of work the Dewalt team came up with the long-lasting batteries which only needs to be charged for about 15 minutes the use it for more than two hours.

These batteries are either sold with the saws or sold separately. There are several types, but we will consider a few of them.

1. Dewalt DCB205-2 – 20v Max 5.0AH Bluetooth Battery

This is a modern type of battery with a tracking device and excellent functionality. The batteries are paired with mobile phones. Therefore, the owner is able to know where the battery is with ease.


  1. The batteries can be managed with an app called tool to connect from Dewalt
  2. The batteries are also designed for easy diagnostics
  3. They have a one-year warranty period

2. Dewalt DCB609 – 20V/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT 9.0AH BATTERY


This lithium battery is having a watt duration of 180 hours and is compatible with several cordless saws. The battery has a cover warranty of one year and functions excellently which makes it good for saws doing the harder cutting.


  1. The battery is compatible with different saws
  2. It’s also compatible with many chargers
  3. Can be used with a maximum 20v tool
  4. It’s very powerful and durable.


This battery changes voltage depending on the tool you are using. It is compatible with a 20v tool as well as a 60v tool. Its compatibility with many different tools makes it an ideal battery. The battery also has a warranty period of one year.


  1. This battery is up to 4 times more powerful than the DCB201 1.5 Ah battery.
  2. It’s compatible with different chargers
  3. Has a power-corded nature

These is some of the high-quality Dewalt batteries which have a very long useful life. Their availability in the market and compatibility sells DeWalt better as the companies continue to ease the work of people using its products. I would encourage more people to use the DeWalt batteries for a better experience.

Few More Discussion about Dewalt Circular Saw

Having gone through all the details about Dewalt saws, its batteries and blades it’s clearly known now that DeWalt has some of the best products in the market. However, we identified the best Dewalt saw depending on performance and durability. We also considered the warranty period. The DeWalt biggest edge in the market is the availability of different products in the market, its constant contact with customers and listening to customers views and complaints on where they can improve their products.

The other advantage is the availability of spare parts. When a company has a good product, but without spare parts, the product would become obsolete.

For the DeWalt saw putting into consideration their pros and cons the best Dewalt circular saw are the DEWALT DWE575SB -Lightweight Circular Saw with Electric Brake. This saw is very durable and has the following features.

  • The 2.55-inch depth when cutting- When you use the saw perpendicularly the cut goes up to 2.55 inches deep. At a 45-degree angle, it is 1.9 inches deep. The beveling capacity of the saw is 57 degrees, and it has positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees, so it is easier to adjust to the most common angles.
  • Electric brake– One of the best features of this saw is the availability of its electric brake. Immediately you release the trigger it automatically activates and stops the blade within two seconds. This is a good safety feature that comes in handy if anything goes wrong during a job.
  • Strong motor– Despite being rather small in size, this saw is exceedingly powerful. It runs off a 15-amp motor and gets up to 5100 RPMs. With this type of cutting power, it can tackle even the most demanding jobs and complete them without any problems
  • Integrated dust blower– This model has a modeled dust blower that keeps your line of sight clear and enables you to do precision cutting without having to stop to check

This is, however, the authors choice, and it’s a very neutral choice without any bias.

Ensuring you go in line with technology it’s important to use less complicated equipment’s which offer better service while using less energy and saving time. With its fine finishes, the saw can also assure you of quality work.

DEWALT DWE575SB Lightweight Saw with Electric Brake is an excellent sidewinder saw that is both convenient and powerful, without being too big or heavy. It cuts through most of the materials with easily, professionals are always comfortable with it and highly regard it, and even amateurs are impressed with its performance and maintenance free structure. To make things even better, this saw is very affordable and will give you excellent work for many years

With its integrated dust blower, the saw also reduces the possibility of harming yourself as a result of dust. This makes it more dependable and preferred by most contractors. Also in risk reduction, the saw also has an electric brake which stops the blades immediately there is a danger.

We encourage those who have not yet had the excellent experience of this saw to try it. More to its good quality its spare parts are easily available so as the user you do not have to worry about the spare parts.

On the batteries,  we did not sample all of them, but we chose a few which we felt were the best for this article. During our research, we found the DCB609 20V/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT 9.0AH BATTERY a better good battery since it can adjust its voltage depending on the saw it is fitted on. The battery is also compatible with different saws and also with different chargers.

Lastly, we looked at the blades. In blades, we did not choose the best blade since DeWalt make blades for different functions. It’s, however, notable that the Dewalt blades are of high quality and are very durable.

Dear readers consider Dewalt for quality and productivity which accompanies high quality, durability, stability and ease of use.


Q. What is the best circular saw brand?
A: DeWalt is a great brand for circular saws.

Q. What safety measures should be taken when using a circular saw?
A: Before using the circular saw, safety guidelines should be followed such as wearing protective gear, ensuring the blade is well adjusted and properly positioned, making sure the blade guard is in place, and ensuring the material is well supported.

Q. What features make DeWalt circular saws the best?
A: DeWalt circular saws are the best because of their cost, motor strength and capacity, bevel ability, LED light guides, dust blower, carrying bag, and ability to do more than one task.

Q. Are DeWalt saws easy to use?
A: Yes, DeWalt saws are designed to make sawing easier and more efficient. They have features like LED lights which guide the path of the blade to ensure accuracy and a dust blower to keep the saw blade path clean.

Q. What is the best way to cut with a circular saw?
A: When cutting with a circular saw, the blade should be slightly lower than the material being cut, the material should be well supported and the blade should be in line with the pencil before the cut.

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