4 Top & Best Makita Circular Saws for Quick Heavy Work!

Unlike the olden days when the cutting materials was all about your effort and energy technology has enabled the use of less energy enabling better products.

Makita power saws are an example of the modern power saws which are energy driven and safe to use. Narrowing down to the Makita circular saws a circular saw is a power saw that uses discs or blades that have teeth. The teeth of this blades are different and used for different functions. The blades with many teeth are used to make fine cuts while those with fewer teeth are used to make rough cuts.

Makita circular saws are used to cut many types of materials including wood, masonry, metal, plastic, or even concrete. Each type of material has a specific type of blade. e.g. Blades designed to cut wood are either table saws or chop saws which are mainly used to make rip cuts.

Makita circular saws are of different types the following are the factors to consider when deciding the choice to acquire:

  • Cutting Guide – most circular saws have a cutting However, some do not have and also the accuracy of the guide matters a lot. Before acquiring any type of Makita saw ensure the guide suites your needs and the accuracy you wanted.
  • Price – this maybe not be a major deciding factor, but in price, the cheap saws may not be of the quality you desire. More to that it’s also advisable to acquire the one you can afford.
  • Durability – go for a saw that is proven, and people have rated high, and that can last for decades. To this consideration, a saw will not be bypassed by technology soon. To reduce maintenance costs, ensure the saw is easy to maintain, and its spare parts are easily available in the market.
  • Ease of carrying around– if you move more frequently ensure that the saw is also ideal for that and won’t cause you problems while traveling. Even though most Makita saws are convenient to carry due to their weight and size, it’s also a factor to consider.
  • Cutting power– saws with larger motors have high-speed cutting power and are highly recommended.
  • The size of the blade and number of teeth-thin blades make fine cuts and also easily penetrate the material being cut. Blades with many teeth also make very smooth cuts unlike the ones with fewer teeth which make rough cuts.

1. Makita SH01W – Best Cordless Makita Circular Saws

The new Makita 12v max lithium ion cordless circular saw is not as powerful as other Makita saws but has a 1400amp which is relatively fast in cutting. It’s used for cutting soft products such as plywood, melamine, drywall, and pegboard. This saw has a good grip making it very comfortable to handle.

Best Makita Circular Saws

The Makita SH01W cordless power saw has a thin blade that is supposed to have this powering the saw into a very effective way of cutting. With a thin blade and generally light body, the saw is very comfortable to use. This makes it even better than the full-sized saws.

The new Makita 12v cordless circular saw can make one inch cut at 90 degrees making it very perfect to make cuts of thin materials such as sheet or plywood.

With its efficiency and comfort, the new Makita cordless saw makes a perfect addition to the saw market. This saw also has a compact design and a dust blower built to keep the cutting line free from dust.

Features of Makita SH01W

  • Its charger is highly reviewed having earned having followed our environmental guidelines and getting the energy star label.
  • A dust blower. This ensures that dust does not cover the blade during work and maintains the path clear to ensure accuracy.
  • It has a three-year warranty and o one year warranty for the blades and batteries
  • Its less weight and good shape make it easy to use and carry around thus convenient.
  • The saw bevels up to 45 degrees allowing cuts at an angle.
  • Mainly designed to cut plywood, pegboard, particleboard, melamine, and drywall.
  • Its blades are thin in order to make smooth cuts since the saw is designed to make delicate cuts.
  • The motor is 1400 amp which makes it very fast

Pros & Cons of Makita SH01W

Why Should Use?

  • Having passed the test of environmentally friendly equipment, the saw has obtained a huge fan base and recognition.
  • It has a very thin blade which makes it very effective for cutting less bulky materials such as sheets and melamine.
  • Its more is the right capacity to handle the material it cuts at high speed reducing time
  • The ability of the saw to bevel makes it very effective especially operating at an angle
  • Its three-year warranty made the users very confident and protected in case the product malfunctions.
  • The dust blower ensures clear cutting path by preventing dust from getting into the cutting path.
  • Its spare parts are easy to find even in local hardware making it generally popular

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • It’s mainly designed to handle lighter materials like sheets.

2. Makita BSS611Z – Makita 18v Circular Saw

For those looking for a good performing saw which is not bulky and is easy to carry around then the 18v circular saw makes a great deal.


When are starting to use this saw, and get to the switch as you pull the trigger you notice the LED light at the base. It’s essential as it clearly directs the user in order to make accurate cutting.

The cutting is also easy because of its thin base and strong motor. The saw also has two batteries which are essential when there is a power failure. The charging period of the batteries is 30 minutes thanks to the Makita’s li-ion universal charger. This saw also comes with an inbuilt dust blower ensuring that the saw is in good shape. It also has a battery ensuring usage even with power failure and the battery has a fuel gauge to ensure easy monitoring.

This circular saw is smaller than the previous saws made by Makita more to which it lighter and more comfortable to use. Probably the most notable feature of this saw is its ability to use any other battery from other saws.

In Makita, they have balanced tool performance and runtime making the tool very efficient. With many clients approving this saw it continues to be in demand.

The saw’s configuration is tall. It has a smaller, 125mm blade, but because of the smaller motor diameter and transmission, but still has a decent depth of cut, 47mm or 1.85, enough for most materials. Its durability also makes it fast and more convenient and ensures good quality of work.

Features of Makita BSS611Z

  • Its charging period is 30 minutes
  • The pack comes with completely inclusive batteries
  • It has a voltage capacity of 18.
  • Its tough aluminum base provides quality while working
  • It’s very light its dust nozzle which allows for a vacuum cleaner allows for cleaning
  • Its grip is made of rubber making it easy to handle and making the user comfortable.
  • Its safety trigger is easy to use ensuring easy handling especially when there is an accident or danger
  • Can bevel past 45 degrees
  • Smooth and powerful cutting with high rotation which is automatic and self-adjustment
  • The saw has a three-year warrant. However, the warranty does not apply where the owner has attempted to repair the equipment, where its normal wear, the tools have been misused, or any changes have been made to the tool.

Pros & Cons of Makita SH01W

Why Should Use?

  • 18v battery- this is one of the reasons why this saw is convenient. This lithium-ion battery ensures continued work and is efficient, yet it takes as few as 30 minutes to be fully charged.
  • The electric motor with its motor up to 3700 RPM the saw is very powerful and makes cutting and reaping of wood pretty simple and fast.
  • It can comfortably handle bevel duties at 50 degrees while cutting 2.25 inches at 90 degrees and 1.56 inches at 45 degrees
  • Its weight and size are also a plus. The saw is light making it easier to use and also its size it very convenient, especially during transportation.
  • Its rubber grips are very comfortable. More to this comfortability nature they give a long-term service and ensure comfort when handling the saw.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • People have argued about the quality of the twin batteries which becomes a problem and reduces the confidence levels of people.
  • The company should have included a carrying bag to increase its portability.



The size of this bag has given many people who thought that full-size saws are the best another reason to rethink their stands. More to its excellent size it’s also light which makes it easy to use and carry around thus earning my recommendation. Despite the few challenges about the saw its general performance is excellent.

Its warrant is encouraging. With a three-year warranty, it makes the users so confident and sure about it. Despite the fact that many people have complained about the saw’s battery, its performance is still solid and first-class. The batteries were installed as a backup. Therefore, there is an alternative source of power.

Another reason why I would encourage people to use it is the ability of its batteries to work for long hours without any problem. This is after a short charging period of about 30 minutes meaning you do not have to fully rely on electric power for you to complete your work. Its starter button was also a great invention. You only press the trigger when its requires which is also a plus in ensuring safety as you do not have to do other duties when the motor is still running.

3. Makita XSH03Z – Makita Brushless Circular Saw

In 2015 Makita released a new model of a brushless circular saw. This saw has automatic speed control technology thus very easy to use and control. This speed is adjusted according to the material being cut. Soft material speed is reduced while harder materials’ speed can be increased. Its automatic speed adjusts without any regulator according to the material being worked on ensuring maximum productivity and reducing fatigue


The brushless circular saw is another type of saw from the Makita company which is sold separately from its battery and charger. It’s one of the few saws that combine power and run time to ensure faster cutting.

This saw is also computerized to monitor its performance i.e. the performance of the motor and that of the batteries to ensure that the owner can know when the saw requires maintenance. Through the star protection communication when maintenance is the owner just needs to check to know. Also, the saw is very light and easy to handle due to its good grip handle. This light weight makes a major difference, especially when making overhead cuts or when you need to lift the saw constantly.

The main benefit of this saw is because it deals with the issues of depth perfectly. It takes deep cuts at 90 degrees and at the bevel of 45 degrees and during those deeps cuts the saw is still very comfortable and fast thanks to its strong motor.

Probably what makes the saw different is its brushless motor with great power and speed and its automatic speed control system.

Like most Makita saws the brushless circular saw also has a three years warranty. The warranty, however, does not cover the careless handling of the saw, the batteries, and its charger since they do not come with the saw, normal wear, and tear, and lastly if there was an attempt to open or repair the saw.

The saw also has a LED light that guides the blade while making the cuts ensuring that accuracy is maintained and that the owner does not have to make much of their time trying to estimate the cutting accuracy since the saw has already taken care of that.

Its switch is also perfect. Once you release the trigger, the blade stops immediately. This ensures that the user only needs to switch on the saw when in use. It’s also a protective measure as you can release the trigger as soon as you sense danger so that it does not harm you.

Main Features of Makita XSH03Z

  • Automatic speed. The saw does not need to be adjusted for speed as its automated to change depending on the material it’s
  • Star protection communicator. It recognizes the performance of the saw
  • Ability to make deep cuts bevel at a bevel angle of 45 degrees
  • LED light to help guide the blade during cutting for accuracy
  • Three years warranty
  • Lightweight and durability
  • One trigger pull switch
  • The powerful motor of up to 5000 amps

Pros & Cons of Makita XSH03Z

Why Should Use?

  • It’s lightweight and durability. This saw is very light making it easy to use and carry around without causing any inconveniences to the user. The weight also makes the user concentrate on whatever they are doing instead of concentrating on the saw since it’s convenient and easy to use. On usage, you also do not have to be trained to use this saw since it’s simple to use and by reading the manual, you can operate the saw without any difficulties.
  • Automatic switch– the saw also has an automatic switch that starts the saw at the pull of a trigger and stops the saw at the release of the trigger. This assures convenience and safety as you operate the saw when you are ready switching it on or off is simply not a process. This is probably the newest technology in saws. Adding to its convenience the automatic speed makes the saw easy to use since it adjusts itself depending on the material you are cutting.
  • Powerful motor. The motor was a great addition to this saw. Its strength ensures speed even as it takes deep cuts which is the main task of this saw. Its brushless motor also ensures stability to the saw. Since the motor is supported by the two batteries, it ensures more power and stability
  • Excellent speed monitor– the saw has a speed that does not require monitoring. It adjusts itself according to the material being cut. If the material is hard the speed increases and if it’s soft, then the speed reduces.
  • It’s warranty period. This saw has a three years warranty. This ensures in the case of any malfunction that the saw can be repaired by the manufacturer or can be replaced with a new one.
  • LED light monitor– this saw has an excellent light director to the saw to make sure that accurate cuts are made. The user only needs to concentrate on following the light and making sure that the blade is in line.
  • Handle– for excellent grip the saw a plastic handle was installed to ensure comfort and avoid fatigue

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • The brushless saw does not come with the two required batteries. Thus they have to be bought separately which is an extra cost to the user.
  • The bevel cover plates are plastic. It’s well known that plastic wears very fast. So, this came as a major shortcoming to this saw.
  • The lack of a carrying back. If they included a transportation bag for the saw, then it would even have been easier and better.


With the technology in this saw its highly regarded as one of the modern saws more to which many people have recommended it as an excellent saw. Its functionality is excellent and has a long period warrant making it very reliable.

Despite it having some shortcomings like the lack of a complete park it’s very durable and does not require too much maintenance.

For most of it, I like what Makita brings about in this saw. Even with the cons cited above the general functions of the saw are not affected. Since it’s the company’s first brushless saw, then it was a good step and in the right direction having in mind that it has had such a great impact in improving the general masonry field.

With people, having recommended that the saw should have a single battery system for the next generation I would still advise people to go for this saw since its functions are good.

Originally many people referred to big saws because they thought they are better and do excellent jobs. Not unless you haven’t met this brushless circular saw, it functions even better than those large saws hence earning my recommendation.

4. Makita 5007F – Circular Saw

Being one of the older saws by Makita the 5007f circular saw was out of the market after the company produced newer versions. However due to its good reputation the company was forced to return the saw but with some improved features. This saw currently has 15amp making it one of the most powerful saws by Makita.

Despite its ease to use this saw is very durable and can last for decades there suitable for farmers and contractors. Its durability period is giving it a huge market as many people are now targeting this saw.

Its base is hard and made of aluminum ensuring that the saw is durable. its big markings are also very important since reading the markings has been made easy.

Features of Makita Circular Saw 5007F

  • Its bevel nature ensures that the saw can cut the material at an angle
  • It’s easy to grip there making the user comfortable when working
  • It has a very powerful motor of about 15amp which makes its cutting capacity very high thus improving performance
  • Its L.E.D lights help in accuracy assurance as they redirect the user in following the line
  • It has a well-placed lock shaft to ensure easy replacement of the blades

Pros & Cons of Makita SH01W

Why Should Use?

  • Its ability to make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees makes it more useful in cutting materials that require angle cuts
  • Performance and Durability- this saw is very powerful since it has a 15amp motor ensuring high-quality Its design also ensured that it makes narrow cuts. It also provides a very deep cutting capacity. Its heavy aluminum gauge is due to high-quality engineering work ensuring that there are quality cuts.
  • Well-Balanced Design – starting with its easy-to-grip nature in addition to its balanced design it assures good handling during working.
  • Its small size and weight makes it easy to carry around
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Its L.E.D lighting eases its cutting accuracy and saves time which would be used in estimations
  • The saw is simple to use, and by reading its manual, you may not require any other training to handle this specific type of circular saw.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • This circular saw comes without a carrying bag forcing the buyer to purchase their own bag, unlike other saws which come with carrying bags to ease transportation.
  • Its warranty duration has highly been criticized by people. Everyone accepts the saw is great, but it has a one-year warranty with other similar ones having 2 or 3-year warranties this seems short and a downfall to the company.


Having performance like the full-size saws, with its small size the 5007f circular saw is very efficient and satisfying.it ensures accuracy, and with its large motor more speed and power are assured therefore saving time.

Despite the fact that the circular saw does not come with a carrying bag, its manageable size and less weight ensure that it’s easy to carry it around without causing any inconveniences.

Its ability to last for decades also gives it a plus thus making it ideal and leading to many people being advised to use the saw.

Its price is also customer friendly as compared to its high quality.

Having considered the pros and cons of this saw and checked its features, functions, and durability, I would highly rate the saw and advise more people looking for a reliable saw to consider it highly.

General conclusion and advice on which Makita saw is better

Having gone through all these saws and seen some of the factors to consider it’s time to make a decision. Just to highlight what to check. Look at support batteries, the start button and efficiency of the trigger, the warranty period and if there is a possibility of extension, the motor strength, its weight and durability, LED lighting, the strength of the saws base, availability of the blades and spare parts of the blade in the market, modern technology adopted in the saw, automated speed control system, cutting depth and its ability to bevel.

With all this in mind, I would consider the Makita brushless circular saw as the best Makita saw in the market.  It has most of the features stated above and also has many reviews, and not many people complain about this saw. The only problem was to have the batteries sold with the saw instead of them being sold separately. I would also advise people to consider working with this saw to see its great benefits, fast work, and long working relationship with this saw.

In conclusion, Makita has done a great job in easing masonry work and should continue helping the people who rely on their tools for a living.

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