How to Choose a Perfect Cordless Circular Saw

Circular saw is one of the helpful and powerful tools not just in the construction but also for home use.  If you are planning to own one, you can actually just go to the nearest hardware, while others would prefer to purchase the tool through online stores.

Choosing a perfect circular saw is not that easy.  Thorough research and familiarization of brands should be done so one could come up with a perfect choice. But for many, choosing the perfect saw would start in evaluating its power in slicing everything: soft/wet lumber or hard type of woods without bogging down.  And why it needs to have a strong power? Because when it is slow, the blade may heat up and quickly gets dull which may produce poor cutting output, or worse, the blade may climb up and push the saw into the user.

This article will talk about some tips for choosing the perfect circular saw.  Remember, this power tool is quite expensive, so you have to carefully examine every detail of the tool. 

Need help in choosing your circular tool? Check these things you need to consider:

Cutting Capacity:

The size of the blade is one you need to look into if you want to determine the capacity and depth of your circular saw’s cut.  Take note:  The standard size of the circular saw’s blade is 165mm.  OooopS! There’s more! Always pay attention to the type of blade you are purchasing.  Be sure to get the blade compatible to cordless circular saws.  Remember, there is also circular saw that is corded.  You may get confused and may purchase the wrong ones.

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The depth of Cut:

Different manufacturers feature different capacity on their circular saw’s depth of cut.  What you need to look into is the maximum cutting depth.  When your saw is not used to cut a bevel, the maximum cutting depth is at zero degrees.  However, if you use to cut it with a bevel, it may reach up to 45 degrees.

Now, you have to choose the materials you usually cut.  Is it plain or straight? Or beveled ones?

Speed and Control:

Many users conclude that how fast the motor can turn the blade, the more it is easier for you to control your tool.  If it’s difficult to identify, then you can just simply take the specs of your tool and check on its RPM (revolution per minute).


Cordless circular saws are powered by batteries.  Great cordless circular saws have 18v lithium-ion batteries.  Such type of battery is strong and could allow you to work on many tasks.  Some packs come with fast charger and spare batteries which could be greater.

What makes cordless batteries helpful is its portability.  You can work on tasks outside your home even without electricity. 

 Other Features

To provide more safety in using a circular saw as well as to provide uniqueness on their products, manufacturers add some helpful features to their units. 

1. Advanced Breaking System: This protects the user from accidents by immediately turning the motor off when there is trouble in your tool.

2. LED Lights: This feature allows the user to work on dark areas and to focus on tasks.

3. Ergonomic Design: This makes the tool easy and convenient to use such as the style of handle, weight, ease and comfort while handling the tool.

The mentioned tips are very basic is choosing your best cordless circular saw.  Try not to be an impulsive buyer.  Always evaluate your options.  You can also interview people who are experts on these matters along with those mentioned tips.

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