DEWALT DWE575SB – Circular Saw Review


If you hear the name DEWALT, what exactly comes to your mind? That’s right! It’s all about power tools! Power tools are tools with additional power source and mechanism other than manually operating them.  It lightens workloads and helps you finish projects conveniently.  And this is what DEWALT all about! Creating such tools to help you work with ease.   So, what does DEWALT make to be ahead from other manufacturers? It’s durability as well as genius design in all their products that make DEWALT become one of the famous companies in the field of construction.

Just like our featured power tool in this article, the DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw which is one of the most talked circulars saw in the market.  Why? Simply because it captures the heart of many users both in construction and even in simple DIY home projects.

In this review, let’s try to find out how such toy attracts many users.  Let’s explore the world of circular saws through DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw!

Features of DEWALT DWE575SB

Most of the time, when you purchase this device, it comes in a kit.  But there are also sellers who will just sell the tool alone, without chargers, batteries, and accessories.  But for the benefit of everyone who is still curious about this magnificent device, let’s include everything about DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw.

As you unbox the popular Yellow and Black Box (DEWALT’s identity), you can see the tough and sturdy appearance of your device.  A manual and manufacturer’s warranty is always included when you buy the kit.


Design and Power

The magnesium shoe offers both durability and light weight.  The whole design gives comfort especially if you hold the rubber over molded grip.  It is easy to hold and control.  The stock blade measures 6-12″ carbide tipped blade that is capable of cutting through 2x material at both 90 and 45 degrees.  The bevel angles between 0 and 50 degrees allow you for plenty of flexibility for angle cutting.  This means you can use such device to many cutting situations.  It is powered by 20V Max 4.0 amp hour battery that allows you to use the device for a longer period of time.

We actually tested the DEWALT DCS391.  What we did was, we put the device through a series of cross cuts into 2 x 12 pressure treated wood.  Using the device, I was able to test the circular saw blades by making 6 cross cuts without any interruption.  The machine didn’t even give signs of bogging down.  It was actually tested too by my friend to see how comfortable this thing to hold to.  Looking at the wood we have cut, we saw how stable, clean, and smooth the cuts were.  Truly, we are impressed!

We then shifted our test to the device’s maximum speed.  At an average of 25 seconds using the stock blade, we were surprised to have 5 cross cuts accurately.  I thought I’m gonna lose and take back my first impression of the device.  It’s good to say that I’m still impressed with the speed of DEWALT DCS391.

We have also tried to slow down the speed, still, it made us in awe when we had cut the woods clean and accurate.  The cutting process was so smooth.  Because it is lightweight, it is easy to control and maneuver.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DCS391

Why Should Use?

  • The device is lightweight and comfortable to hold.
  • Offers a smooth cutting operation.
  • Comes with 6-12″ carbide tipped blade
  • 0 Degree-50Degree bevel capacity
  • Made of durable and long-lasting materials
  • Stable to cut.
  • Comes with a hard-plastic case

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • The battery may drain fast because it consumes much for the power.
  • Quite expensive but worth for every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[toggle title=”Is there also circular saw which is powered by electricity?”]Yes, there are. But according to surveys, cordless ones are preferred to be bought because it can be used anywhere even with the absence of electricity.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Does it come with a warranty?”]Yes, it comes with a three-year warranty.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What is the maximum speed of DEWALT DCS391?”]5250 RPM[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Does the handle/grip rubber?”]Yes, that’s why it is easy to hold and it doesn’t easily get slipped from your hand.[/toggle]

Things to consider before buying the DEWALT DCS391

A lot of circular saws created by different manufacturers are in the market today.  If you’re not that familiar with these devices, you may end up purchasing the wrong one.  Of course, we don’t want you to get frustrated with your item.  Here are some things to consider when you buy this device:

  • Always buy your device from trusted and legit sellers such as Amazon (online) or other authorized distributors.
  • Get yourself familiar with the warranty that the company offers.
  • When you received the item, inspect all the inclusions and try the device according to instructions.

Insider Tips

It is important that you take care all of your devices.  Remember, you have spent money for it.  Here are some tips for taking care of your DEWALT DCS391:

  • When there seems to be trouble with your device, you can ask help from customer service of DEWALT or refer your item to authorized technicians.
  • After using, clean your device and keep it in a safe and dry place.
  • Refer to the manual especially if you are just new to operating it.
  • If someone borrows your tool, be sure that the one borrowing it is familiar in operating the device.
  • Always observe safety when using the device. Gloves, eye protector, etc are some of the safety stuff.
  • Use battery that is compatible with your device.


So, we’ve come to the end of our review.  Final thought? Well, if your main concern is speed, this device might not be the one that would be highest in rank.  It may not be commendable with its speed.  However, if you are looking for clean and smooth output, this DEWALT DCS391 might be rockin’ you.  Definitely, you’ll enjoy smooth cutting and closer-to-perfect cuts.

Another impressive feature is the design of the device which is intended to provide ease and convenience to the user.  It’s lightweight and handy, perfect for long hours of work in the construction or home use.  And if you’re going to ask my satisfaction level for this device, definitely 5 out of 5!


Q. What makes DEWALT stand out from other power tools manufacturers?
A. DEWALT stands out from other power tools manufacturers because of their durability and genius design in all their products.

Q. What is the DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw?
A. The DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw is one of the most talked circular saws in the market due to its durability and impressive design.

Q. What is the battery capacity of the DEWALT DCS391B?
A. The DEWALT DCS391B is powered by a 20V Max 4.0 amp hour battery that allows you to use the device for a longer period of time.

Q. What is the stock blade size of the DEWALT DCS391B?
A. The stock blade of the DEWALT DCS391B is a 6-12″ carbide tipped blade that is capable of cutting through 2x material at both 90 and 45 degrees.

Q. How does the DEWALT DCS391B perform in making cuts?
A. The DEWALT DCS391B makes very stable, clean, and smooth cuts and is easy to control and maneuver.

Q. Does the DEWALT DCS391B come with a kit?
A. Yes, the DEWALT DCS391B usually comes in a kit complete with a manual, manufacturer’s warranty, and accessories.

Q. What is the weight of the DEWALT DCS391B?
A. The DEWALT DCS391B is lightweight and comfortable to hold due to its magnesium shoe and rubber over molded grip.

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