Top 10 High Performed Best Circular Saw Reviews in 2021 & Buying Guide

In the ancient past, sawing could not be done for leisure. It was a big issue since the saw was very big, heavy, not powered by motor therefore manually operated and there were no protective an attempt to modernize these several people came together to form companies in order to sake sawing an art and ensure that it was properly enjoyed by the user. Cutting was a big problem especially because you had to use your energy and even one person would never get the work done since one person had to hold one side of the saw while the other person is on the other side. With all that effort, still the end product was not smooth and the quality and quantity of the work would still be minimal and compromise.

Best Circular Saw

Best Circular Saw 2017

In this field now they came up with light saws unlike to older heavy one, they also came up with a saw that could be operated by one person, so the ancient saws were operated by two people, the modern saws also come with protective measures and lastly, they very accurate and fast blades to ensure excellent products. Being a game changer circular saws make you wonder why you waited for so long using old methods.

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What is A Circular Saw?

A circular saw can be described as a blade driven electric saw that cuts metal, wood, sheets or plastics with the blades. Their blades are kept in place by an Abor to ensure accurate cuts, and they can also be adjusted for bevel cuts. They have a trigger which starts or stops the blade, and the trigger is always at the handling ease of handling.

What circular saw is manufactured to improve sawing? A complete package of a circular saw should contain the saw which has a blade, magnesium or steel shoe which provides stability, one or two batteries, a good handle which should not slip, a carrying bag and a charger. However, most of the saws are sold without the batteries, charger and carrying bags which they opt to sell separately.

RankImageProduct NameVoltagePrice/Review
#1DEWALT DWE575SBDEWALT DWE575SB - (Editorial Choice)120 volts
#2Rockwell Versacut RK3440KRockwell Versacut RK3440K120 volts
#3DEWALT DCS391BDEWALT DCS391B – 20V High Rated Circular Saw20 volts
#4SKILSAW SPT77WML-01SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 – Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw120 volts
#5Makita 5007MGAMakita 5007MGA – Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw120 volts
#6Rockwell RK3441KRockwell RK3441K – Compact Circular Saw120 volts
#7Black & Decker BDCCS20BBlack & Decker BDCCS20B20 volts
#8Bosch CS5Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw120 volts
#9SKILSAW SPT67WMSKILSAW SPT67WM-22 – Magnesium Sidewinder Circular Saw120 volts
#10DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390BDEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw18 volts
#11Makita XSH03ZMakita XSH03Z – 18V Brushless Cordless Circular Saw18 volts
#12Makita 5007FMakita 5007F – 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw120 volts

1. Rockwell Versacut RK3440K – Best Circular Saw with Laser Indicator

Its motor-powered saw is very powerful to cut hard materials even concrete. More to this power it eases the tasks on hard materials which would otherwise be done manually taking most of the time and manpower.

Rockwell Versacut RK3440K

Sometimes it’s dangerous to handle saws so you may need cover in the case of an accident. With this saw, you are covered throughout its warranty, and after the warranty is over, you can extend your warranty. During this warranty period, all spare parts are replaced free and medical cover absolutely free.
It’s also very easy and quick to use without training. To use this saw you only require to read its manual to understand its usage. It’s also well balanced and ergonomically designed handle to empower users to handle it with confidence and ease.

Features of Rockwell VersaCut – RK3440K

  • 3 blades– the three blades are used to cut tiles, wood, and metal each. This makes the saw very effective since it reduces the cost of buying different saws for each type of work.
  • Topside pointer– for accurate cutting this pointer ensures maximum accuracy. This reduces the time spent in trying to estimate the accuracy of the material you are working on.
  • Carrying bag– it’s very important when transporting the saw instead of carrying it bare. It also reduces theft cases and also chances of falling.
  • 2-year warranty– this is a complete renewable warranty to assure the user that the saw is safe to use and if it malfunctions the manufacturer can repair or replace it.

Pros & Cons of Rockwell VersaCut – RK3440K

Why Should Use?

  • Rockwell VersaCut is easy to use and less tedious since it doesn’t require the use of both hands, but only one hand, therefore, doesn’t easily get you tired
  • Despite its high prize the saw is very effective and accurate therefore producing very admirable end products
  • When it’s under warranty, you do not have to worry about its spare parts since the manufacturer takes care of that until the warranty ends
  • It’s more economical to use and saves the user time since its faster and more accurate.
  • Instead of buying three saws one to cut wooden materials another one for tiles and another one for metals it’s better having the Rockwell VersaCut since it combines all that in one saw all you need to change are the blades, therefore, making it more effective

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • This saw doesn’t have a lifetime warranty
  • It’s very expensive to acquire
  • Doesn’t have a dust protector ensuring that the dust doesn’t interfere with the users’ eyesight

2. DEWALT DCS391B – 20V High Rated Circular Saw

DEWALT DCS391B - 20V High Rated Circular Saw

DEWALT DCS391B – Best Circular Saw

With its ability to handle tough materials due to its strong motor and good power this particular Dewalt saw is very ideal and useful for big tasks and multiple applications. Its thin blade enables faster penetration into the material and allowing for faster sawing and without any problems.

With a lithium-ion battery, the saw assures users of reliability especially in areas where there are power shortages and also the battery is long lasting when well maintained. Despite the fact that the battery is sold separately it available in Dewalt shops so ensuring its availability. It’s also long-lasting when well maintained and has a warranty of one year.

With its lightweight, the users find comfort in using this saw since they can work for longer hours and without getting tired which ensures increased productivity.

More to its weight the saw also has a comfortable rubber grip which is ideal for comfort.

Its rubber handles also allow for comfortable grip giving the user comfort while sawing.

Features of the best circular saw

  • Has a strong and light magnesium shoe which ensures accuracy and comfort during work.
  • This saw has a handle which is made with optimized rubber to ensure control and balance with ease of grip
  • It has a tipple made thin rubber which cuts two times faster than normal saws hence fastening the work
  • Its strong motor helps deliver quality work and fastens the work too.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DCS391B

Advantage of

  • For convenience and trust, the company ensured a warranty of three years with a possibility of money refund if the saw fails. This was a plus since it increases client satisfaction and customer base
  • For accuracy and better cuts, the bevel ability ensures that even cuts at an angle can be done with ease
  • Its magnesium show is ideal for durability since its strong and ensures that the machine lasts long because of its material
  • Made of plastic its handle is ideal for proper grip since the handle material does not slide hence comfort during working
  • Its warranty period is three years with a one year contract period and a 90-day money payback period.
  • With its ability to level up to 50 degrees this saw can be used for the multiple of applications.

Disadvantage of

  • The fact that the saw is sold separately from its battery leads to inconveniences and extra costs of purchasing the battery.
  • The saw is not sold with a carrying bag.

3. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01  – Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw

The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 lightweight worm circular saw is one of the lightest saws which ensures comfortability during working and transportation. Continuing the Skilsaw tradition of providing quality tools the tool is also very durable and consistent providing a very quality cutting. Many people have also argued that it’s the lightest law in the market.

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 - circular saw

With the magnesium house, which keeps the motor strong and keeping the saw cool giving you good performance during the job. More to that its 24 tooth is ideal for smooth cuts which lead to better quality work.

Strong as most of the other recognized saw motors the 15-amp motor provide speed ensuring fast cuts and also quality and smooth ones. The saw also comes with a 180-day guarantee during which you can use the saw, and if it’s not satisfactory, you can return it for a full refund of your money.

Features of SKILSAW SPT77WML-01

  1. The magnesium construction reduces user fatigue
  2. has a 53-degree bevel capacity making it make multiple applications
  3. The 15-amp motor which provides maximum power during cutting as it cuts with ease even when working on hard materials.
  4. Has a tough, thin blade which is ideal for fast cuts and the thin blades also ensures accurate and smooth cuts.
  5. Destined for smooth operation, the anti-snag lower guard is ideal for small cuts

Pros & Cons of SPT77WML

Advantage of

  • This Skilsaw saw is the lightest worm saw in the market which provides comfort during usage, and the user is able to concentrate on their work longer.
  • Having a strong plastic grip which does not slip not only provides comfort during work but also security during working.
  • The saw can also be used for multiple functions as you only need to change the blade to suit the material you want to work on.
  • Its bevel capacity is also very ideal for doing a different kind of cuts with easy without straining too much on the accuracy of angles.
  • The saw also does not require batteries as it’s made to rely on electric power which reduces the user’s cost of acquiring batteries.
  • Comes with a tough blade which is even ideal for cutting nails.

Disadvantage of

  • The Skilsaw only relies on electric power therefore when there is power shortage then work cannot go on.
  • It is not sold with a carrying bag.
  • It’s very expensive among tools of its kind.

 4. Makita 5007MGA – Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Makita 5007MGA - Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Makita 5007MGA

Moving away from old age saws we find the Makita 5007MGA with an electric brake which ensures that the blade stops within seconds of the release of the trigger which helps to ensure that the blade is only running when required to. Its 15-amp motor is very strong and fastens the cutting power making the saw stronger that full-size saws and even more efficient.

It’s balanced magnesium components are ideal for lighter weight and making it good for professional use. With a bevel capacity of 56 degrees which is probably one of the highest bevel lengths, the saw can do multiple angle cuts reducing the time which could be used in calculating the angles.

Main Features of Makita 5007MGA

  1. Has a 15-amp motor ideal for fast cuts and speed
  2. Can bevel up to 56 degrees giving it the ability to make multiple applications
  3. With an electric brake, which stops the blade immediately after the release of the trigger
  4. It’s very light which makes it easy to use and also stable.
  5. The saw has a LED double light which leads the user during cutting to ensure maximum accuracy
  6. It has an excellent handle for easy handling and overall stability of the saw.
  7. Its vacuum blower also ensures the cutting path is clean and visible during working.

Pros & Cons of Makita 5007MGA

Advantage of

  • The saw has a coated thin blade which reduces heating while ensuring fast and smooth cutting.
  • During the first 30 days after buying of this saw if it develops a problem you are free to return it and get refunded your full amount or get a similar saw. More to that there is also a one year warranty to the saw which gives users confidence about the quality of the saw.
  • Its light weight acts as an advantage since the user is comfortable while using a light tool and can work for longer hours increasing productivity.
  • The electric brakes not only increase efficiency but also acts as a protective tool since upon sensing of danger you can release the trigger and the blade will stop.

Disadvantage of

  • The warranty period is very short as compared to other companies which offer warranty up to three years.

5. Rockwell RK3441K – Top Compact Circular Saw

The most notable feature of this saw is its weight. It’s very light and can easily be used in different locations without any transport problems or cost of transportation.

Rockwell RK3441K - Top Compact Circular

Rockwell RK3441K

Its grip also provides comfort, control and balance reducing possibilities of risks. You will also notice that the saw is very easy to use and does not require professional training to handle. In fact, by reading its manual, you can use it for simple tasks like wood cutting.

Just like the VersaCut saw this newer version also has a limited warranty. Its warranty is three years, but for the batteries and chargers, it’s one year. However, it’s important to note that the warranty does not include careless handling of the equipment. The warranty also does not cover normal tear, neglect or use by unauthorized people. The warranty will take care of malfunction of the saw and will either replace it or repair it on behalf of the owner.

Rockwell RK3441K Features

  • Its blade is more than half thin than the thickness of standard blades
  • The saw also has a very strong motor which helps it work at a faster rate than other types of saws
  • Due to its thin blades, its performance is similar to full-size saws despite its small size.
  • It’s very light and small which makes it’s carrying around not a problem
  • To enable changing of blades be easy the saw also comes with hex key which helps in blade changing
  • Due to its bevel cutting nature, the saw can cut at different angles up to 45 degrees.
  • It also has a three-year warranty

Pros & Cons of Rockwell RK3441K

Advantage of

  • Its bevel characteristic enables it to can wood at an angle something which other saws cannot do.
  • It’s easy to use and less tedious since it doesn’t require the use of both hands, but only one hand, therefore, doesn’t easily get you tired
  • Despite its high prize the saw is very effective and accurate therefore producing very admirable end products
  • It’s more economical to use and saves the user time since its faster and more accurate.
  • It’s very convenient to carry around because it’s not very heavy and also has a specifically designed bag to ease its transportation.
  • Wastage of materials especially timber is reduced since the saw is very accurate.
  • It’s thin blades cut faster into the materials and enable fine cuts.

Disadvantage of

  • It’s more expensive than similar saws which do almost exact jobs
  • Its warranty is not of a lifetime

6. Black & Decker BDCCS20B – 20-Volt Best Circular Saw

Black & Decker BDCCS20B - 20-Volt Best Circular Saw

Black & Decker BDCCS20B

The Black & Decker BDCCS20B 20v is one of the best circular saws which is generally light in weight but has the ability to perform the functions of a full-sized saw. It has a powerful motor which enables the saw to make very fast cuts thus saving time and increasing productivity. The Black & Decker BDCCS20B 20v Circular Saw has a tool-free depth of cut and an easy to use.

The bevel adjustment of up to 45 degrees allows for accurate angled cuts. It has a thin blade which provides smooth and fast cutting which is ideal for tough jobs.

Main Features

  • Very powerful motor
  • Has a thin blade
  • This saw can bevel up to 45 degrees.
  • Its light weight makes it easy to use.
  • The circular saw a two-year limited warranty.

Pros & Cons of Black & Decker BDCCS20B

Advantage of

  • Its warranty gives users confidence about the quality of the tool.
  • Its bevel capacity gives it the advantage of doing multiple of applications including accurate angle cuts.
  • The powerful motor makes the saw faster than full-sized motors.
  • Its thin blade makes it produce smooth cuts

Disadvantage of

  • The saw is sold separately with its battery which becomes an inconvenience to the buyer and which also leads to additional costs of locating and buying the battery.

7. Bosch CS5 – 120-Volt Circular Saw

This left-sided saw is ideal since there is more light to whatever you are cutting. Its 15amp motor is very powerful and fast and starts smoothly without any problems. Its strong motor enables it to cut different kinds of materials with east since the saw is made for commercial use.

Bosch CS5 - 120-Volt Circular Saw

Bosch CS5

The blade of this saw also has a 56-bevel capacity. The saw is also fitted with anti-snag lower guard which ensures smooth running. With this saw, you can adjust its handle to suit even deep cuts with ease. With a blade wrench that comes with the machine, you can stop the blade upon release of the trigger with ease.

Boosch Cs5 saw is also user-friendly, and you do not have to go for training to use it. With a simple reading of its manual or just watching its tutorial on the YouTube, you can use the saw.

The left-sided blade was mainly made to suit both the right sided and left sided people.

Pros & Cons of Bosch CS5

Advantage of

  • It’s very light enabling ease of usage
  • Its safety guard ensures the safety of the users by preventing possible dangers which would arise if the blade was exposed.
  • A powerful motor as well as very environment-friendly.
  • It offers adjustment options for changing blades and cutting materials at an angle.

Disadvantage of

  • It relies on an external source of power.
  • The saw does not come with a carrying bag which would have made it easier to carry around.


8. SKILSAW SPT67WM-22 – Magnesium Sidewinder Circular Saw

SKILSAW SPT67WM-22 - Magnesium Sidewinder Circular Saw


Having a strong base plate to provide stability and storage the Skilsaw has a great line of sight to make accurate cuts. Its ability to make depth cut adjustments makes it a great saw to look at. Its lightweight is notable and is caused by a light footplate and a magnesium motor.

With the strong motor, cutting is easier and faster. Even through dense pressure of cutting hard materials the saw cuts with ease and comfort. Its blade is also easy to adjust placing it where you want it for the specific cut you are intending.

Easing its use the saw also provides the best mark for each type of material, be it plywood it provides an inch marking for accurate and soft end results.

Its 56-degree bevel is a great feature in the Skilsaws as most of the saws bevel up to 50 degrees which act as a limit to your cutting ability. The saw also comes with a wrench storage for changing blades easing the work and ensuring that the wrench is not lost.

SKILSAW SPT67WM-22 Features

  1. It has a motor strength of 15amp making it very strong
  2. Can level up to 56 degrees
  3. It’s very light having a lightweight of about 8.8 pounds
  4. Its blade is of 7 1/4-inch
  5. This Skilsaw also comes with a one year warranty.

Pros & Cons of SKILSAW SPT67WM-22

Advantage of

  • The saw is light and easy to use, and you do not require any training
  • Its warranty makes user confident about its quality
  • The ability to level up to 56 degrees makes it able to do multiple of applications
  • Its 15-amp motor strength makes it very fast and convenient.

Disadvantage of

  • The warranty period is very short
  • It does not come with a carrying bag

9. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B – 18V Cordless Circular Saw

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B - 18V Cordless Circular Saw

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B saw is one of its kind the codeless 18 vault saw made having a fan ventilated motor. Most saws warming when overworked with this specific one the fan confirms no heating. Regardless the material you are cutting the saw does a very fast job thanks to it’s 6 and a half thin blade which is really cool tools, no doubt.

Features Of DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B

  • This saw is light which makes it easy to carry around.
  • Its fan cooled motor has a replaceable brush for maximum power
  • Comes with a strong and durables light magnetic shoe which ensure comfort and accuracy
  • The saw comes with a 3-year warranty, consequently, guaranteeing protection in case of malfunction.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B

Advantage of

  • Its a lightweight tool. So there is no hassle to carry around without any problem.
  • Thin blade tool always best for smooth cutting. The tool ensure the option.
  • A powerful and strong motor is most important to sustain a tool capacity. DV390B confirmed with the features.
  • DEWALT Company is providing 3 years warranty on the product.
  • DC390B has a proactive safety guard. Which is most important during working.
  • Easy to comfortable to hold the handles.

Disadvantage of

  • The saw is never sold with its batteries which causes inconveniences to the buyer who is forced to look for batteries separately.
  • It more expensive than some similar saws

10. Makita XSH03Z – 18V Brushless Cordless Circular Saw

With the view of improving accuracy, the Makita Company came up with this brushless circular saw. This is another type of saw from the Makita Company which is sold separately from its battery and charger. Makita has lots of cutting tools. But its one of the best tools to cut faster they made.

Makita XSH03Z - 18V Brushless Cordless Circular Saw

Makita XSH03Z

The most interesting thing before releasing the saw, Makita took many times. because they wanted to ensure the saw batteries, saw requirements and the sustainable power is okay. Used digital method (Computer) to ensure all thing are making ensure the tool features, what they are going to offer.

Makita XSH03Z saw is a very lightweight product. Lightweight is most important to carry as well as when a wiz starts to cut how he can feel to use the tool. This tool confirmed with the most special features.

Makita XSH03Z Features

  • The saw has a star protection communicator which recognizes the performance of the saw.
  • The saw can bevel up to 45 degrees which enables it to make some deep cuts.
  • LED light to help guide the blade during cutting for accuracy
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • It’s generally very light.

Pros & Cons of Makita XSH03Z

Advantage of

  • The saw also has an automatic switch which starts the saw at the pull of a trigger and stops the saw at the release of the trigger. This assures convenience and safety as you operate the saw when you are ready a switching it on or off is simply not a process.
  • The motor was a great addition to this saw. Its strength ensures speed even as it takes deep cuts which are the main task of this saw, more power, and stability.
  • The saw has a speed that does not require monitoring. It adjusts itself according to the material being cut. If the material is hard the speed increases and if it’s soft, then the speed reduces.
  • This saw has a three years’ warranty. This ensures in the case of any malfunction that the saw can be repaired by the manufacturer or can be replaced with a new one.
  • This saw has an excellent light director to the saw to make sure that accurate cuts are made.
  • For excellent grip the saw a plastic handle was installed to ensure comfort and avoid fatigue

Disadvantage of

  • This saw is sold separately from the two required batteries.

11. Makita 5007F  – 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Makita 5007F - 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Makita 5007F

This Makita saw was originally out of the market. However due to its good reputation the company was forced to return the saw but with some improved features. This saw currently has 15amp making it one of the most powerful saws by Makita.

This saw is very long lasting and can last for decades. More to this its maintenance is not very high and its spare parts are easy to find. Its durability period is giving it a huge market as many people are now targeting this saw.

Its base is hard and made of aluminum ensuring that the saw is durable. its big markings are also very important since reading the markings has been made easy.


  • This saw can bevel, its bevel nature ensures that the saw can cut the material at an angle
  • It’s easy to grip there making the user comfortable when working
  • With a 15amp motor which makes it cutting capacity very high thus improving performance
  • The L.E.D lights in the saw help in accuracy assurance as for the redirect the user in following the line
  • It has a well-placed lock shaft to ensure easy replacement of the blades

Pros & Cons of Makita 5007F

Advantage of

  • Its ability to make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees makes it more useful in cutting materials which require angle cuts
  • This saw is very powerful since it has a 15amp motor ensuring high-quality performance. Its design also ensured that it makes narrow cuts. It also provides a very deep cutting capacity. Its heavy aluminum gauge is due to high-quality engineering work ensuring that there are quality cuts.
  • Starting with its easy to grip nature in addition to its balanced design it assures good handling during working.
  • It’s small sizes, and less weight makes it easy to carry around
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Its L.E.D lighting eases it’s the cutting accuracy and saves time which would be used in estimations
  • The saw is simple to use, and by reading its manual, you may not require any other training to handle this specific type of circular saw.

Disadvantage of

  • This circular saw comes without a carrying bad forcing the buyer to purchase their own bag, unlike other saws which come with carrying bags to ease the transportation.
  • Its warranty duration has highly been criticized by people. Everyone accepts the saw is great, but it has a one year warranty with other similar ones having 2 or 3-year warranty this seems short and a downfall to the company.

[BOUNS] Makita 18v Circular Saw

Most companies are producing small-sized saws which are easy to use and also to carry around. With this Makita saw the most emphasized thing is the security of the user.

Makita 18v Circular Saw

Makita 18v Circular Saw


Its durability also makes it fast more convenient and ensures good quality of work.

Pros Of Makita BSS611Z

  • This saw comes with an 18v battery. This lithium-ion battery ensures continued work and is efficient, yet it takes as few as 30 minutes to be fully charged.
  • The electric motor with its motor up to 3700 RPM the saw is very powerful and makes cutting and reaping of wood pretty simple and fast.
  • It can comfortably handle bevel duties at 50 degrees while cutting 2.25 inches at 90 degrees and 1.56 inches at 45 degrees

Cons of Makita BSS611Z

  • People have had problems with the quality of the twin batteries with some arguing that their warranty period is short while another complaint about the maintenance issue
  • The Company didn’t include the carrying bag. Though that’s not important.

Which Is The Best Circular Saw?

With many companies having modernized sawing to ensure high-quality products with less fatigue, saving time and ensuring the user’s safety, it’s very hard to identify the single best saw because there are improvements by the competing companies each day. In an attempt to get the best circular, saw we compared more than 15 products from companies looking at many features. In order to get the ultimate saw as a buyer consider the following features.

  • Cutting guide– most circular saws have a cutting guide. However, some do not have and also the accuracy of the guide matters a lot. Before acquiring any type of circular saw ensure the guide suites your needs and the accuracy you wanted.
  • Price– this maybe not be a major deciding factor, but in price, the cheap saws may not be of the quality you desire. More to that it’s also advisable to acquire the one you can afford.
  • Durability– go for a saw that is proved, and people have rated high, and that can last for decades. To this consider a saw will not be bypassed by technology soon. To reduce maintenance cost, ensure the saw is easy to maintain, and its spare parts are easily available in the market.
  • Ease of carrying around– if you move more frequently ensure that the saw is also ideal for that and won’t cause you problems while traveling. Even though most circular saws are convenient to carry due to their weight and size, but it’s also a factor to consider.
  • Cutting power– saws with larger motors have a high-speed cutting power and are highly recommended.
  • The size of the blade and number of teeth- thin blades make fines cuts and also easily penetrate the material being cut. Blades with many teeth also make very smooth cuts unlike the ones with fewer teeth which make rough cuts.

With the writer mandated to make a choice that can suit the reads our choice was the DEWALT DWE575SBLightweight Circular Saw with Electric Brake. This saw was found to be easy to use and lasts for a long period of time. Some of the factors that led to our choice are.

DEWALT DWE575SB – Best Circular Saw

DEWALT DWE575SB - Best Circular Saw

DEWALT DWE575SB – Best Circular saw

Cost Effective

This saw is long lasting more to which its spare parts are easily available. With the parts, available the user will not use much time looking for spare parts thus the time will be used in a more constructive way to improve productivity. Also, the saw is cheap to acquire which makes it good for the user.

  • Bevel capacity- this saw can bevel up to 57 degrees which makes it good for doing multiple applications and also is easily adjustable to different angles.
  • Electric brake– the electric brake of this motor was mainly built for safety and convenience. You do not have to leave the saw running all the time. Once you release the trigger of this saw the blade stops immediately and when you hold it the blade runs. This ensures that the blade is only running when requires which even leads to power conservation
  • Strong motor– In comparison with full-sized saws the motor of this saw is very strong despite the small size of the saw. This makes the saw easy to use since it cuts with comfort and without any problems or trying to force the saw during work.

With all these features the DeWalt circular saw emerged to have the upper hand over the other saws.

How to choose the right circular saw?

In choosing the right circular saw appearance, color or model may confuse you. Choosing the saw requires careful inspection of the tool features. Looking at the manual is never enough it’s good to confirm the equipment you are purchasing physically to ensure that you get the saw you desired or one which is ideal for your needs.

In choosing the best circular saw it’s important to consider the following steps.

  1. The first thing to consider is the saw base plate-: The base plates should straight never accept curved or bent plates. They should be tough enough to handle the saw pressure and should have a chance of being fixed. Giving an example of cast magnesium vs. stamped aluminum. Stamped aluminum plates can bend easily especially when dropped but are easy to fix back. The cast magnesium plates are tougher, but when they crack, they have no chance of being repaired.
  1. Then consider the cut line indicator: This is notches in front of the baseplate and helps the user to make accurate cuts by following the line. A good saw is clearly marked and does not need extra marking to make accurate cuts.
  1. Tool blade visibility: A clear eyesight to the blade is very crucial especially because it helps with accurate cutting.It also helps you keep the blade in line. The best saws have clear sight to the blade even with both hands on the saw while poor saws have obstructions through handles and protectors.
  1. Saw base plate connection: In considering the saw to go for taking a saw which the baseline connection is in line with the handle that does not block blade visibility.
  1. The warranty period of the saw: Warranty periods are different depending on the manufacturer, and the terms of the warranty are also different. Don’t buy a saw which you feel the manufacturer is not protecting you enough as you test the saw. Also, if the saw warranty period is too short then consider ones with the longer warranty period.
  1. Availability of spare parts: You may purchase a saw because you think that it’s cheaper and when you require its spares you find that you cannot locate them. This may lead to a loss as you may end up downing the tool or incurring extra costs as you look for the parts. The best tools have their spares available when needed.
  1. Consider the bevel function of this saws: The best saws have an adjustable bevel lever that’s easy to operate and with comfort and locks securely. This good saws also have very visible scales where the angles are clear, and their bevel degrees are beyond 45 degrees.
  1. Motor strength: When the motor is slow then the blade strains which now leads to heating which is dangerous to the saws as it reduces its lifespan. Evaluating the motor strength is hard when you are not doing it practically. Considering the amps, you may not get the correct answer as they only show the electric transition. However, saws with less than 15 amps tend to be weaker.
  1. The type of saw and the work intended: There are different types of circular saws. They are trim circular saws, cordless circular saws, worm drive circular saws and sidewinder circular saws among others. Depending on the work you can decide which saw to go with. If you in an area with power problems, you can go with the cordless saw as they use batteries which in most cases require charging for about 15 minutes. If you require a saw then can do finishing, then the trip saw will be your type. Just to mention a few but it’s good to have in mind the type of work you want to do.
  2. Price and durability- this maybe not be a major deciding factor, but in price, the cheap saws may not be of the quality you desire. More to that it’s also advisable to acquire the one you can afford. Also, go for a saw that is proved, and people have rated high, and that can last for decades. To this consider a saw will not be bypassed by technology soon. To reduce maintenance cost, ensure the saw is easy to maintain, and its spare parts are easily available in the market.
  3. Ease of carrying around– if you move more frequently ensure that the saw is also ideal for that and won’t cause you problems while traveling. Even though most Makita saws are convenient to carry due to their weight and size, but it’s also a factor to consider.


Having looked at more than ten types of circular saws and identifies what you would consider when choosing a saw and their advantages and disadvantages the author’s final words and recommendations will go to the DeWalt circular saw which emerged to the be the best circular saw in the current world.

Ensuring you go in line with technology it’s important to use less complicated equipment’s which offer better service while using less energy and saving time. With its fine finishes, the saw can also assure you of quality work.

DEWALT DWE575SB Lightweight Saw with Electric is highly recognized worldwide for customer relations and seriously viewing and ensuring that they improve the quality of their work.

With its integrated dust blower, the saw also reduces the possibility of harming yourself as a result of dust. This makes it more dependable and preferred by most contractors. Also in risk reduction, the saw also has an electric brake which stops the blades immediately there is a danger.

I would encourage people to use this saw instead of the older fashioned saws since its more effective and gets the work done.

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