Essential Power Tools for Homeowners

I believe that every home should have essential power tools for fixing, installing, and enhancing stuff around the house personally.  Sometimes, we hire people to do these things for us, but we end up frustrated because things didn’t turn the way we want them to be.  So, it’s better to do the thing yourself with the help of your power tools.

If you do not have any idea on what tools to buy for the home, this article might help you.

Essential Power Tools for Homeowners

Here’s a list of 5 power tools that should be present in your home.  You do not have to own them all in just one shopping.  Of course, some of them are quite expensive.   So you can purchase each item one at a time.

Hammer Drill:

Hammer drill is helpful when you have lots of masonries to do.  It works with a masonry bit and designed to work in drilling with stone, concrete, brick or mortar.  It comes in two types: corded and cordless.  The corded ones are powered by electricity while the cordless ones are powered by lithium-ion batteries.


If you want to work on cutting stuff in curved shapes, this power tool is very helpful.  It is expert at curving up woods and metals and could be your design buddy.  When fitted with the appropriate blades, it can work on steel, fiberglass, and even drywall.  The blades are so easy to change.  It can easily be inserted into its space.  Not just in the home, this power tool works well in your shop.

Rotary Tool:

The rotary tool is a perfect addition to your tool box in the home. It works best in your tasks that require polishing, engraving, sanding, cutting and shaping.  Because of its high speed, you can finish your tasks quickly than performing them manually.

Rotary tool, like other tools, have two types: corded and cordless.  If electricity is accessible on your working area, then you go for the corded ones.  However, if you performing tasks outside the home and electricity is not accessible, still, you can finish your tasks using the cordless ones.  Often, DIY hobbyists have this tool.

Impact Driver:

This tool is specially designed for driving screws and bolts.  Using a concussive force, it can drive screws into wood and even concrete. It amazingly can deliver two to three times more of torque than a regular drill.  It won’t likely twist your wrist and helps you finish task quicker without straining your arm.

Paint Sprayer:

 Painting is quite difficult but it’s the most enjoyable task to perform.  With a Paint Sprayer present in your home, surely, you can enhance the looks of your place and make it the most comfortable place on earth.

There are lots of sprayers on the market with varying prices.  If you’ll just be painting your cabinets, some furniture, and small projects, you can just yourself a Critter Siphon Gun which uses a regular pint size jars, and definitely are convenient to use.  You can just refill your jar if you are out of paint.

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