How to choose different types of miter saws

Hey, this is Smith from Bettendorf. You want to talk to you today about how to choose a miter saw. There are several stages of miter saws from the basic miter saw, or it’s even from I should say from the basic chop saw all the way up to a sliding compound. Miter saw the features that you purchase in a saw. Allow you to do more or less. What you need to do with your saw will determine what features you want to go with if you’re, just making straight cuts day after day after day after day, you never make any angles you can go with. A simple chop saw relatively inexpensive and they’re just designed to make square cuts. The next step up is a miter saw. What a miter saw it adds is a pivoting table like I have here now.

What is the difference between a single bevel and dual bevel miter saw?

How to choose different types of miter saws
How to choose different types of miter saws

I can make cuts at different angles, and these days you’re pretty much going to find angles from 45 to 45 at a minimum left and right. Some manufacturers go further. Some of them go as far as 60 degrees, given a choice. I want one that goes a little bit past 45, maybe 50 degrees, at least on one side, preferably on two.

So if you’ve got a joint, that’s not exactly 90 degrees, and you want a nice tight miter that you need to fudge. Maybe it’s 46 degrees. Instead of 45, you can do that easily and not have to worry about messing around with jigs and she’s back shaving it all at the next step beyond that is a compound miter saw, and what a compound miter saw that you do is not the only pivot.

What is the difference between a miter saw?

The table but angle the head as well, so now you can make compound miters where you’ve angled the head and the table where your fence, your stock, is Square to your fence. This is good if you’re doing a lot of trim work crown moldings things of that nature unless you do really unusual cuts without doing going to all the tables and figuring out exactly what’s what and where they can get really confusing here.

Unless you set up precisely the angles, you need and work really quickly smoothly by setting your angles. So that’s how to choose a miter saw. I’M Dave, throw with the troll gallery the fine art of furniture making

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