Why do you need to know how to replace a chainsaw chain?

Chainsaws have become popular for cutting trees and branches. They are easy to use if you know how to operate them. Replacing your chainsaw chain reduces the risk of damaging your saw. If you don’t know how to replace a chainsaw chain our guideline is going to help you.

As a portable power tool, the chainsaw works efficiently with its chain. The chain of the chainsaw should be sharpened to work effectively and smoothly. You may have portable gasoline, electric, or battery-powered saw but without a sharp chain can’t possible to cut perfectly. After repeated using the chains become dull, so you need to know how to replace a chainsaw chain for working continuously. And which way to put a chain on a chainsaw.

If you don’t work with chainsaw regularly you might have to do a sharp chainsaw blade. You may ask a chainsaw worker how to sharpen a chainsaw blade. There may have chainsaw chain repair tools in your tools box so that just time you can repair the chainsaw chain and blade.

How to install a chainsaw chain properly

Don’t worry about which way to put a chain on a chainsaw. Replacing a chainsaw chain takes 8 to 10 minutes that saves your time and money. If you have a Husqvarna chainsaw then you need to know how to put a chain on a Husqvarna chainsaw. It will be easy to install a chain on a chainsaw if know the replacing method.

Moreover, we’re providing a guideline for replacing chainsaw chains. You’re going to know the proper method to replace a chainwith a chainsaw. Let’s know all the steps on how to replace a chainsaw chain.

You will need to have:

  • A wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • A replacement chain
  • Gloves
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • And your chainsaw

For replacing your chainsaw chain follow the below steps as instructed here and it is possible to do by yourself. Chainsaws come with different features and all the chainsaws aren’t the same. So, you have to apply common sense for the replacing process.

Step 1: Select the right place.

In the first step, make sure that you’ve selected the right place for replacing the chainsaw. You need a safe place to work with perfectly. An unsafe zone can make any dangerous situation at any time. You shouldn’t work in any risk place.

Step 2: Wear gloves

You should keep safety in mind and wear a pair of gloves your both hands. As a result, you’ll be able to work much easier and safer. Having a pair of gloves will protect you from any kind of injury.

Step 3: Remove the side plate

Find the side plate and using a wrench unscrew the two nuts. After unscrewing the nuts remove the side plate and keep it aside from you.

Step 4: Release the chain tension

After removing the shroud, you need to release the chain tension with the chain and don’t put too much pressure to remove the chain tensioner. If you find it difficult to remove the tensioner then you should check whether any hidden bolt is missed or not.

Step 5: Loosen the tensioning screw

Now loosen the tensioning screw which is located inside the guide bar. Take your flat head screwdriver for helping you to lose the screw easier.

Step 6: Clean the bar track

You need to clean the bar track to protect damage from dirt caught and it is pretty easy. Cleaning the bar track make the chainsaw longevity and many of problem solve automatically. You will find an oil hole on your chainsaw and should be clean the oil hole on both sides of the bar.

Step 7: Clean around the sprocket

After cleaning the bar track now clean around the sprocket that is made of a metal cylinder and it turns the chain. Using a gauge tool remove all the dirt, oil, sawdust, grime, and around the sprocket.

Step 8: Measure your new chain

You should be aware of the measurement and specification of your new chain that will fit with your guide bar. Before threading the chain onto your chain bar you should once check whether its measurement is perfect. Figure out the right specification and be ready to go for threading the chain. Also, you need to find out the gouge, drive links, and the pitch to measure the length of its bar.

Step 9: Remove the old chain and thread

Remove the old chain from the guide bar and take your new or recently sharpened chain. Carefully thread the chain around the chainsaw’s clutch drum. Now align the guide bar and applying some tension on the nose of the guide bar pull the nose gently away from the chainsaw.

Step 10: Tighten the chain and everything

Take the tensioning screw and adjust the tension to the side of the guide bar on the chainsaw chain. You will find the tension screw in two places. One side is next to the bolt that holds the casing and the other side on the front of the chainsaw. No problem if you don’t find to tighten the nuts you have to look around the outside of the chainsaw. Tighten the nuts with a screwdriver for adjusting the chain tension completely.

Step 11: Test the Chainsaw

Now it is the time to test your chainsaw. Before testing it make sure the chain is fitted tightly again. But you shouldn’t tight the chain over tight keep a little bit lose. Turn on the chainsaw and notice if the chain is spinning. Also, you can test by cutting the branches of the tree. If you notice the chain has become loose again and is not perfect for cutting then readjust the tension and re-tighten the nuts. Test the chain again whether it has fitted perfectly or not.Lastly, your chainsaw chain replacement is completed.

Summary on how to replace chain easily

Place this saw in the right place, and to disengage the chain brake push the handguard toward the handle.

Use a socket wrench and loosen the two nuts. Remove the side plate and if you found any bolts also remove it.

Push the guide bar and lift the chain. Install your new chain over the guide bar and turns the bar over to set it with the bolts.

After replacing the clutch cover, tighten the nuts with fingers and a flat-head screwdriver. Also, tighten the chain so that you can turn the chain by hand. Recheck if everything is tightened or not.

Now you are completely ready to work with your chainsaw.

Replacement Remington Chainsaw Chain

If you want to replace Remmington Chainsaw Chain then you will need

·Replacement chain
· Leatherwork gloves
·Wrench set

The process to replace the chain

·You have to disconnect you saw power cord and remove the retaining nuts.
·Push the guide bar and remove the chain from the guide bar.
·Place your new or recently selected chain over the sprocket and thread the chain over the top of the guide bar.
·Hold the chain and rotate over the rest of the guide bar.
·Pull the guide bar and thread until it is hand tight then slide the guide slowly over the guide.
·Tighten the guide bar nut with a wrench.

Replacement of Echo Chainsaw Chain

The process to replace the chain

· Remove the two nuts using a wrench and side plate.
·Remove the bar and chain.
·Loosen the sprocket nut and remove the clutch assembly
·Clean around the sprocket.
·Thread the chain onto the guide bar
·Replace the guide bar with the chain attached by the sprocket area.
·Holding the clutch cover tighten bolts, nuts, chain, and everything.
·Be careful at the time of tightening the chain and don’t make it too loose or too tight to protect you and your chainsaw from any hamper.

Best of luck with working with your chainsaw properly.

Replacement of Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain

The process to replace the chain

  • Place the saw in the right place
  • Loosen two nuts holding the clutch cover
    Remove cover
  • Push guide bar
  • Clean sprocket and oil ports
  • Fit the new chain
  • Replace the clutch cover and tighten the nuts by finger tight and wrench
  • Test the chain if it is too loose or too tight
  • Test your chainsaw if it is running well.


All the methods are pretty similar except for a few differences.

Following all the above tips and steps we hope you will be able to replace any type of chainsaw chain. Besides, you may check first the manual about the chainsaw from the manufacturer.

Now you know how to replace a chainsaw chain. Chainsaws chain is to repair several times with proper tools to cut down a tree safely.

Lastly, if you have any further more questions about the replacement chainsaw chains feel free to leave your comment in the box given below.

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