Bosch 4000-09 Worksite Table Saw Review

Bosch is a world famous multinational electronics producing company which specializes in automotive components like brakes, control electronic devices, fuel system etc. It also specializes in industrial products like controls, drives, consumer goods and packaging technology. In addition to this they also produce building products like household appliances, security systems and power tool.

They have an amazing collection of some of the best portable and non-portable table saws. The best one amongst them is the Bosch 4000-09 Worksite 15 Amp 10-inch Benchtop Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand.

What is a Bosch BenchTop Saw?

Bosch 4000-09 Worksite, 10-inch Benchtop is actually a cabinet saw and it can handle any job a big saw can. It is very convenient for both home and worksite use. Soft start reduces circuit breaker trips and the electronic break is a first rate safety feature. The fence and side extension support are smooth and solid. The stand is designed as such that it gets folded and unfolded with just one push.

The blade guard of this saw is the best and it can ride up and down and also does not interfere while cutting long meters. Once the saw is mounted it does not take long to set up or break down with particularly no effort. It remains perfectly balanced and provides an ergonomically comfortable work height.

Bosch 4000-09 – Worksite Benchtop Table Saw

Bosch 4000-09 Worksite 15 Amp 10-Inch Benchtop Table Saw with Gravity Rise Wheeled Stand

Key Features of the Bosch 4000-09

  • This is a worksite table saw consisting of a wheeled stand with the gravity rise feature.
  • It has 4.4 horsepower and 15 amps 4.4 output with soft start and a very precise rip fence.
  • It also has machined aluminum table with a carbide blade and a 0.5 inches steel tubing.
  • The table saw also consist of a stand, a saw, a blade wrench hex key, a miter gauge and a blade.
  • The inch table measures about 29-20 ½, the saw weighs around 59 pounds and the stand has a weight of about 109 pounds.
  • This Bosch power tool comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase
  • The table saw has an extremely accurate rip fence that consists of a very new square-lock technology to provide a precise cut every time.
  • There is an integrated cutting rail system which can cut a rip up to 25 inches in one go.
  • They have an Arbour lock that makes the single wrench lock changes very easy.
  • There is an onboard storage system to lock the blade tote, miter gauge and down rip fence to provide ease in transport. Also, the molded grip areas make carrying it even more comfortable.
  • The table stand can also be used to mount the other saws since it is universally built.
  • The built in the stand is such that it can handle even rough usage that usually happens during shifting from one worksite to another. Its pneumatic wheels are perfect for its usage on rough terrains.

If you are planning on buying the Bosch 4000-09 table saw, here is a list of certain advantages and disadvantages that can help you make the perfect decision.

Advantages of using Bosch 4000-09

  • One of the advantages of Bosch 4000-09 is that it is very strong. It has a 4.4 horsepower and 15 amps that makes it easy to cut various types of wood.
  • Most of the table saws these days’ weigh about 70 pounds which are very hard to carry around. But Bosch 4000-09 weighs only 60 pounds. It can be easily carried by a person from one place to another.
  • The integrated system of Bosch 4000-09 is that it can cut different types of materials which are less than 25 inches. If people need to cut various items, it can be done within a short period of time.
  • There is a very effective shroud attached to the table saw that changes the direction of the dust and throws it in the opposite direction so that it does not cause any hindrance while cutting the wood.
  • There is a very easy to use on and off switch that starts the saw at just a flick of the button. The best part is that the switch is located close to the left of the cabinet for you to easily reach it.
  • The most common problems with the portable saws are that they have a very small table to cut the wood. But with Bosch 4000-90 this is not the case. The table has a 21.5 inches deep and 29 inches wide which can be further extended to 40.5 inches with the right side extensions.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this saw is that it is extremely easy to setup. you do not have to follow a hundred instructions to get it started and even the beginners can start working with it.

Disadvantages of using Bosch 4000-09

One of the main problems with Bosch 4000-09 is that the meter gauge becomes loose after some time. When the meter gauge is loose in its slot it will be hard to use it in the beginning. But once fixed Bosch 4000-09 can be used for a long period of time.  Apart from this, there have been no disadvantages associated with this table saw.

For those people who would like to use the products produced by Bosch, this is the best one to test the power of Bosch. Most people realize how useful the stationary tool is after using it for some time. People who have been using it for a long period of time will agree that it is a truly great product.

When it comes to the tabletop department, it is certainly the best to choose. The Bosch 400-09 is one of the best tables saw that you can invest in. It is just perfect to cut any kind of wood, the fence is amazing, the extension feature makes it much more than a portable table saw, easy to carry and easy to use. the stand is very strong and can be used anywhere.  There is nothing wrong that can go with the Bosch 4000-90.

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